There is neither a structure nor a texture to this blog. The subject matter can be anything and everything under the sky that I feel about at any given point that I happen to sit and blog rambling about everything in general. My thoughts and views are basically influenced by what I read, hear, gather, and ponder... if there is any copyright violation which I have not duly acknowledged, kindly let me know.

My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Sep 6, 2005

Here and There

I have a blog and where am I??? Happily digging into the blogosphere and enjoying every minute of it... coming to my posts.. the time has to come and when it does, the flow wont stop.. see you until then...

Aug 20, 2005

First Steps In The Blog World

Well.... at last!!! I am getting into this blog world... to explore my written skills, give some food for thought and do something constructive out of the seemingly never ending idle time that I have these days....

Hmmm.... blog... what is this newly coined word or rather newly overused term. Well, it has not yet secured a place in the Cambridge Advanced Learner's dictionary that I have in my PC... wait a second!!! the Word Web shows it as a web log, or a public dairy on the net... Ugghhh... the word public scares me, but what the hell.. I am not gonna bare my soul out... well.. at least not right away... this is a way to get back my flair for writing and of course train my mind to think along focused issues, which I dont do at all these days!!!! think... think... think... was replaced long ago with just do it... all extremes, no middle ground with me.

If nothing, my English written skills need some serious sharpening.. see you along the way.

Good Luck to Myself.... ;-)

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