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Apr 22, 2006

Crush, Infatuation, Love....

Bobby's friend Pavan had come home with his would-be. It felt great just looking at them. They were not the hip and hep type of a couple, you know not that hot chick and a handsome hunk jodi.. but a plain and simple yet sweet and cute couple very much in love and trying to understand and be there for each other.

Looking at them my thoughts linger along the lines of crushes and crashes one has in life...

Childhood, the sweetest and the best phase in life, where nothing really matters yet it seems that it does. Those five-minute crushes and instant crashes, those puppy loves, and dreamy thoughts... the best life can get before we are thrown into the harsh realities. How lucky are those who get to give a beautiful ending to such a relationship.

When I see some college kids in love, I just wonder where would they end up and just pray for a moment that they never get separated and live a dual-life the rest of their lives. Is it easy to forget something which we had felt for once..... well, maybe yes or maybe no, depends on the intensity they had in that particular relationship.

Infatuation... is it just an adoloscent trait?? Naaaaaaaaah.. I think it continues throughout our life, in one form or the other. We get infatuated every now and then, fall in and out of love, even before we realize we do.. well, at least I seem to do that quite consistently ;-).. actually quite strange, some crushes are so fleeting that they dont even last more than an hour or so. Is it normal.. does every one have this kind of a nature or am I the only specimen in the entire universe.

Phew.. rest it dear.. it is just an idle and overactive mind at work.. do something constructive and you wont have time to think of yourself let alone another person.

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Kalpana said...

Yes Sush, it's common. Infatuation happens for every person. If it's for 10 minutes or 1 hour , whatever range it goes with, it will only be temporary. We only need to ask our soul, what's happening? Just knock knock. Ask is it love or just infactuation or just admiring beauty as everything around the world? The rest as u know, we'll come out of it automatically.

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