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Apr 29, 2006

Farewell darling.. :-(((

How strange is the life and how amazing or the twists and turns of the so-called fate..

I think, just the other day I was remembering the fond memories of my childhood, recalling all my childhood friends, and today I am mourning one of them... Raaji (Rajeswari), she just passed away today in US. The news is shattering, the one who conveyed it to me was taatee.. for a moment, I just went blank.. it just seems to be the other day, we went to the tution together, did all those poojas in the temple, and she with a hand on her big tummy walking around her granny's place and now she has just disappeared... I just cant believe she is no more, how about the kiddo, she is not even a year old... why???

My heart just breaks thinking about her parents' plight.. her brother bhargava was murdered brutally 10 years ago and they are yet to come out it and now her, the only one left for the family. Why should this happen only to them.. two untimely deaths, that too sudden.. God, please give them courage to come out of it soon for the sake of the baby Raaji left behind..

All taatee said to me was that there is something fishy, she must have been killed by her hubby.. but how can one kill someone so ruthlessly and that too in some goddamn place called US of A. I just hope it was some natural cause and not what the family thinks it is. If yes, I will lose faith in the entire arranged marraige system.. As it is I am pulling myself up with great difficulty and putting things in a proper order, I dont need such strong evidences to go back to my own rigid ideas and opinions about certain things..

Now that I understand the pain of losing a loved one, I can actually understand what her parents must be going through right now and it really really crushes me. The worst thing is she had been all alone there in her final moments, away from every one.. how painful it must have been. They cant even see her one final time.. no idea if she can be sent to India and when if yes. It is a total chaos at their place right now..

May your soul rest in peace. Bye, bye darling.. you were a warm and sweet friend. I shall always have sweet memories when I think of you.

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Kalpana said...

I know it is very much difficult to take this. Her parents will miss her a lot. A very difficult phase. May Her Soul Rest In Peace!!!

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