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Apr 25, 2006

Nostalgic Moments!!!

Miss the gang terribly... remember the fun we had... total blast for 2 years!!! too precious... we meet quite a few times even now, but still those were the days, the magical moments. In the class for an hour and on the road for two ;-)... Life was fun back then.. no tensions, no hassles, jobhi hoga dekha jayega attitude... those before-test crammings, lab sessions... project I wish, we could just turn back the clock and go there... wait a moment, before you guys (Mads, Capsi, Bindu) kill me... You sure do have a rocking family life, I am talking about OUR masti moments okay. YEAH Mads... I am listening, I am on the way to get hooked too... malli call chesi maree classlu modalettoddu, I assure I am not running away this time...

Sarada Ma'm and her Chikaan dresses, Major Healey, the open-air restaurant (the paan at the end!!), road-side chaats, ice creams, loooooooooooong walks, movies, shopping, bus stop masti (45 and all those crazy AG colony buses, numbers forgotten ;-)), the night-outs, Srilu, Surekha, Revati, New Year Celebrations, Valentines days, our birthdays, and all your weddings bindu's unforgettable cyclone wedding, capsi's marraige and our initial mails to Hemanth ;-)... miss each and every single thing, especially aunty's food and "muddalu". Everything we did back then was an event in itself.

Just imagining Capsi's dad laugh when I say "aa rojule veru.." and he would say "abba cha enta musalaallaipoyaramma meeranta..."

Madhu and Capsi excused for being geographically far away but me and Bindu, NO EXCUSE.. even with Suraj and Shiva around we can still catch up.. yet to visit their new apartment, I know I am in for a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig class from the birdie... will surely make it before this month ends...

Miss you all real bad, all the more now that amma is not around.. looking forward to the moment when all of us make it at once at one place which is seemingly becoming impossible with each passing year.. by the way, when is the last time we all met... together that is... I guess my 2002 birthday was the last..

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Kalpana said...

Really Sush.....missing those moments terribly. If we get another chance to go back, I'll be first in it. Ofcourse, even now, we meet. But, not as before kada....Nee pelli tharavaatha ela untundoooo???????? Ekkada unna, I'll catch you. :)) Hey, capsi ane peru nuvvu pettinde kadaaaa...:)) I am using it effectively u c..;)

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