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Apr 26, 2006

Sad.. there I go again!!!

Phew.. emotionally overwhelmed.. yup... that is exactly what I am right now... remember amma a lot.. that too all of a sudden.. was doing something, listing out some names and suddenly there I am in the middle of this bottomless pool of sorrow.. why the hell did you leave me like this, will I ever be able to enjoy any precious moments in life at all without you. The very feeling that I will be all alone without you by my side when I am at certain milestones of life is bothersome. Why in the name of God am I soooo attached to you that I refuse to see what life offers to me at the moment. Why am I stuck with you, why is it a vaccuum without you, pleasure is fleeting but sorrow seems to have become my shadow now a days. It has been five full months, yet the wound is very raw, a little memory stirs up the entire pain sequence. How long do I have to go through this. Do something from there, come back to me in some form or the other... I just dont know how, but do it. Dont just smile from that photograph at me.. I just cant take it... oorike undoddu, edaina cheyyiiiiiiiiiiii, naa valla kaatledu.

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