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Apr 24, 2006

Softy Split

That term sure rings a bell... the first common yahoo id me and Capsi had...

Capsi, the girl with the gentlest manners, sweetest smile, fastest speech, and the most beautiful eyes.. we hit it off from the day we met and we seem to grow closer with each passing year, both of us making consicous efforts to catch up, meet, and still do things together. Together, we do the silliest stuff possible. Looking back, we have been an integral part of each other's life from the moment we met and it is actually very strange that we never ever disagree on anything (touch wood). Every time we are together, time just flies.. whenever she is in the city, our families are constantly behind us for actually ignoring them and the craziest night outs we do.. start our chat after an early dinner and sleeping in the wee hours of the night.. well, actually the next day morning and aunty shouting at us to get up and get ready before the water goes, uncle taking us to the movies, our stupid shopping trips (the worst one at the Spencer's in Chennai) and that dumbo Chaccheel always trying to come between us, Thank God that he is in Aussie for a while.. I am still on with Chacchu's eat-out plan, him cooking and cleaning and me at the cash counter ;-)... all said and done, I miss him too.

Cant just wait for her to come and join me for at least 2 months this time... heeeehaaa, oh boy!!! am I am happy... you betcha..

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Kalpana said...

Yes Sush, I wonder why are you not using this id now? Even now, this id is ours.
Uuuh, koncham ekkuva ayyinde(telling about me). We will still do the silliest stuff;) and enjoy the most when we are together not wasting a single moment. Though we are not near most of the times:( , we almost talk/chat twice or thrice a week:). That way, we both feel little bit lighter that we are always together. This time, I am looking forward to meet you desperately as I missed meeting you twice when I was there.

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