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Apr 27, 2006

A trip down the Memory Lane... summer holidays

It is getting hotter by the day in Hyd, it feels as though I am baking in the oven at this very moment... I just cant dare to go out even to check out the intensity of the sun's rays... dont want to end up with a sun stroke.

I remember the summer holidays at amma's place. We used to take the bus on the last examination day to Guraza, and catch up with ammulakka and Baaji our first playmates, we used to spend every summer together, always quarelling and cribbing but never staying apart. Fights, oh my God!! cats and dogs would be friendlier compared to us at times. The worst ever was bobby taking Baaji to the well to push him and Rani atta giving a nice spanking to the kiddo!! The summer fun we used to have in the holidays is unmatchable... all the kids, well actually grandchildren from the neighborhood used to gather for the vacations and there was no stopping us.. total masti.. lucky, puppy, chintu, naani, Sunita, Sunil, Bhargava, Raaji, Vijju, Chandu, Kaantu, Bittu, Paati, Sweta, Sruti, Nikki, and Phani.... relatives cum holiday friends.. every one from hyderabad but meeting only for those 1-1/2 months and create a total mess by gathering at one place.. we used to do everything together... hats off to our Golden Oldies who used to manage us. I just cant imagine myself handling my kids and their friends (such big number mind you) in a holiday mood. No way.. that thought itself gives me shivers.

Eeta kaayalu, taati munjelu, pulla icelu, tegalu, seema tumma kaayalu, maamidi pallu, and to top them all amma cheti pindi vantalu, subbigaadi sompaapidi, musilibaddi jalebi... that holiday mood in the air... the usually calm and quiet households would be ringing with our laughter, cries, screams, and doggies running behind us... Will I ever get such days back or for that matter will my kids have such fun-filled memories???.

I still remember bobby, me, ammulakka, Baaji, Sweta, Sruti standing in the queue after our communal bath to get powder sprinkled and hair combed... soooooooo sweeeeeeet and go for our games (bommala pellillu, taati munja bandi racelu, daagudu mootalu, vaamana guntalu, pekata, just running around the dogs, isakato illu kattatam, librarylo kashtapadi telugu paper chadavatam) 2 hours with neighbors kids and get back home for lunch. Then afternoon naps, food again (perugannam with maamidi pandu), and then bath again and time for games once again.. tirigi raatam, annam tinesi maximum 6:30 or 7.. go to bed. Tinatam, tiragatam, solidga aadukotam.. ade jeevitamlo paramaartham typelo..

We used sleep outside looking at the stars, amma telling us stories (the famous naa puttalo velu pedite nenu kuttana one.. i used to make her tell this over and over again every night), and listening to the neigbor's radio. Morning taatee and amma used to shift our beds from the front yard to the shade so as to avoid sun rays and clean up the yard. I never ever got up even if awake just to enjoy that bed lifting exercise.. it was all fun.. just sleep and they will carry us along with our bed to a more shady place, give a nice kissie, and get back to their work. Well, that was the only peaceful moment they used to get, our morning sleep time, that is, to do some work before we got up and start our mischief and hulla gulla...

Oorlo functions, pellillu, nomulu, vonilu functions, what not, the whole gang never missed anything, being there before anyone else turns up, checking out each and everything personally and be the first to eat, and push off to the band group and just yell and shout in that music until some elders come and shoo us away.... (I just cant help laughing out aloud, just thinking that we actually did all these things).

Gorintaaku rubbi amma pettatam and the way I used to torture amma... amma durada, amma noppi, amma pissie.. amma endipoyindi teesesta.. amma water, edaina pettu, fan gaali saripotledu... Finally one time she just beat the hell out of me with a chinta barika.. and to this day, I never ever take out mehendi unless it falls off by itself..

The worst mess was when bobby and me lit up the out house just to see it burn down to ashes.. Thank God, the watchman saw it and put off the fire.. otherwise, it is scary even to imagine the consequences and the second time when we went off to cheruvu behind one bullock cart (me bobby and Sunita).. amma nootideggara chettuki kattesi kottindi... It seems funny to remember now but those month and a half must have been a nightmare for the oldies in the village. I really really have no words to appreciate their patience.

And the worst moment was the time for us to go back to schools.. amma or taatee used to come with us for a few days to get us back to the school cycle. The wait for holidays used to start from day one of school...

Miss everything, I am lucky to have had such fun.... the best and the totally rocking phase of my life!!!

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Srikanth Reddy Pinninti said...

Hey. Just saw this post searching for something about Telugu functions. Really Beautiful.. This post revved up a lot of emotions, and revived a lot of forgotten memories..Thank you.

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