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May 3, 2006

Couch Potato, Me...... Naaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

If anyone by mistake happens to ask me do you watch TV?? My answer would be yeah, some times.. but to be true to myself I am addicted to it..

I can watch anything and everything from tear-jerker, bubblegum sticky, saas-bahu saagas to scientifically oriented programs on NGC or Discovery. As long as I switch on the "idiot box" I am a dedicated viewer of whatever nonsense is on. Mom is always behind me, "puhleeeaase!! put a stop to it somewhere, not the TV again, you leave your computer and the next moment switch on the TV" Well, she is wrong for once, I dont switch on the TV the moment I am off the PC, rather I do it even before that.. hahaha..

Fun apart, I need to cut down on it drastically.. I have realized that I can go on and on and on just watching TV for days without even doing the simplest thing as walk out to the hall to open the door or even lift the phone for that matter. Talking of addiction, I might as well be shipped away to a rehab at a goddamn place where no satellite dish is in sight and yet dream of watching TV... true, it is that bad.

The best anecdote about TV addiction is from Capsi when she decided not to watch TV until she finished her MCA.. Well, did she succeed, yup!! sure she did. She would just listen to it and not actually watch it. I guess, the whole gang is eccentric.

Even when I complain about those extra inches, it is all because of that 17-inch monster I have in my room.. I know what a criminal waste of time it is, just doing nothing. Put into constructive use I might as well have been an IAS officer by now.. Better late than never.. I need to take steps in that regard quite seriously.

So, can you call me a couch potato by any means... not at all.. I would fall into that "couch pumpkin" category.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!! how can I conclude my thoughts on my fav subject TV and not mention Ads. No way, I simply love them. I just admire the creativity and hardwork that goes into making them. Given the time restriction, barely a few seconds or minutes, it is really amazing as to how they come up with concepts that catch the attention of the nation and actually make them buy that stuff... cool man, I would give anything to be that creative mind behind the scenes!! My all time favorites are the cadbury girl dancing in the stadium and the Cindy Crawford-Naomi Campbell Pepsi ad.

Quote For the Day
"The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does"

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