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May 2, 2006

A couple of extra inches...

The biggest question of all... are the looks and the physique that important??

Hmm.. to be honest.. I am not sure, I think they do not for me but am not really really sure over here. May be the definition of beauty differs from person to person. Did I ever make any friends based on their appearance... well not really sure again.. for me pleasant nature and pleasing manners are a must to strike that first conversation or continue the intiated one..

I have not actually bothered about my own looks until about the last year or so. You learn to appreciate things only when you lose them I guess... Certain things are gifts, you know, a nice complexion, a sweet voice, etc. (well... they certainly are, now that I dont have I realize their worth) and when not taken proper care, we should not be cribbing later on. I actually felt like a hard blow when someone bluntly told on my face very recently "you dont look good, you look old!!" it was then I realized that my looks do matter to me.. why else would I feel so much about something as casual as this when they perhaps did not even mean what they said.. it was just a passing comment but it sure got me thinking.

Forget about things not in my control but what about those which can be controlled?? I used to be so thin that everyone I met used to point it out and say please do something about it.. now that I have put on everybody suggests me otherwise.. why is it that everybody around us has a say on how you look and what you do. Leaving aside what others say, even I do feel mad about those extra inches.. The only time I realize this is when I try to get into my jeans, they just gimme the true picture and needless to say, they dont gimme a good one these days..

Those tyres, ugghhh... they are soooooooooooo bad... I remember me and Capsi deciding never to get into that mode and not even a year since that decision and here I am... boooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo... Got to get rid of them.. workout time again!! and of course eat right.. I have been gobbling all that I lay my hands on these days.. those chocolate bars, little hearts, and my erratic food timings.. got to do something... sweet ban for a while (sooooooooo sad) the more I think of the ban the more depressed I get :-(.

When mom warned me beforehand, I was like so what!! But to be true to myself, I really need to do something and get back on track before I get into the morbidly obese category.... so here I go.. one, two, three..

Quote For The Day
A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot.


Kalpana said...

Mari enti obesity unnatlugaa raasthunnaavu? koncham laavayyuntaavu...anthe....Nenu chusthaanu is my Sush? Don't care about other's words. Ane vaallu antunee untaaru...vaallaki vere panemundi. Might be, think this way, they might want to reduce ur confidence. You look Good the way you are. Gurthupettuko. Unnecessary thoughts vaddu. Okay......

Kalpana said...

I suggest u 1 thing, if u're so serious of reducing weight, stop eating sweets, chocos and contents with sugar n all. U can have rice. 3 months alaa cheyyi, u'll reduce automatically. N don't strain urself too much.

Sush said...

am not straining myself at all.. and that is the problem dear.. hahaha

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