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May 18, 2006

HIMYM.. Fun Unlimited

If you are wondering what that acronym means.. it's "How I Met Your Mother," my favorite sitcom on US TV which I get to watch thanks to my bro's unlimited patience.

If you have seen Friends and are a fan of it, you just cant help falling in love with this one.. All about a group of 5 friends (lilly and Marshall, Ted and Robin, and Barney). It is about a guy telling his kids how he met their mom. It is outright hilarious and has the best quotes ever.. I just love every single conversation between those friends. For all those who want to watch it, I have them all (given strictly on an on-return basis.)

"There are certain things in life where you think it is a mistake but you dont really know it is a mistake because the only way you know it is a mistake is to make the mistake and look back and say that it was a mistake. So really the bigger mistake would be not to make a mistake!!! Do you understand."-- Lilly.

"Yup.. uh.. you used mistake a lot!!"-- Ted

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Kalpana said...

sure, will watch it, when I come over there.

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