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May 7, 2006

Hyderabad... The Happening City

Buddha in Hussain Saagar

Hyderabad, the AP state capital, the fifth largest metro, known for its rich culture and heritage with its thriving hitech revolution is one place I have grown up to fall in love with.. This usually laidback city, is one place I can call my home town.

There is a magic to this place, it just makes me feel real good, just being a part of it gives me happiness. This is one place I can call my city, every thing about Hyd is cool.. the laidback attitude, the cultural mix, the nawaabi tehzeeb in the old city, the typical telangana accent (though I dont understand more than half of what is being spoken, it is really good to listen to).. total costal effect in Kukatpally area.. Hyderabad is the best!!!

Hyderabaadi lingo is unique, those words "bindaas," "ishtyle miyaan," "potti pataana maamu", "kya pataaka hai boss!", "nakko baap", "light teesuko" where else do we find this flavor, it is too coool.. I mean these are soooooooo soooooooo typically hyderabadi that you can just make out a true-blue hyderabaadi any place in a ziffy.

Prasad's Imax

Movies are a craze here and in spite having 100s of movie theaters in the city, we hardly manage to get tickets on a weekend. I feel a few theaters in the city are the best in India. Talking about movies, "Hyderabad Blues" a Nagesh Kukunoor movie and "Danger," a recent Krishna Vamsi flick, depict the typical carefree hyderabaadi lifestyle.

Birla Mandir, Tank Bund, Necklace Road, Assembly, Public Garden, Planetorium, Science Museum, NTR park, Lumbini Park, Laserium.. this belt is my favorite place in the city.. all situated in the heart of the city, it is the best place to enjoy a lazy day. I make sure all my friends who come down to visit Hyderabad have a dhekko at this zone.

Lumbini Park

Speed boating is something I am crazy about, but I hardly get any company as almost all my friends think the place stinks.. stink is bearable yaa.. common you got to look at the thrill okay!! Buddha is all alone out there and looks at us invitingly to give him company for a while, you got to be sportive enough to venture into it. There is nothing like boating on a full-moon day with some fun-filled performances on board, but the company really matters and you cant enjoy it alone.

Birla Temple

Lumbini Park, the gang used to go there on the weekends, have fun, sit by the fountain, play, sing, enjoy and come back home. Birla Mandir is a marble wonder in the middle of the city. The view from that place is breath taking, especially the night view of the city. I remember the rock we used to sit on and scream at the top of our lungs "Hyderabad.... we love you!!!!" It is really sad that we cannot go there anymore as that spot is closed for visitors thanks to a suicide from there.


Golconda is another gem, the evening sound and light show is too good, the songs by Jagjit Singh, the baritone voice of Amitabh telling you the story of the city takes you to another era altogether. This monument has been damaged a lot by Aurangazeb's invasions lured by its legendary wealth but whatever is left of it has a vast number of stories to say and you got to go there to actually have a feel of it.


Charminar, Mecca Masjid and the hoards of pigeons waiting to be fed is another beauty. The faluda, the kurbaani-ka-meetha (hyderabadi delicacies) and oh yeah.. how can I forget the famous Hyderabaadi Biryaani.. too good. The list of places does not end here, the Salaarjung Museum (this itself takes one complete day), the High Court Building, The Nizam Places, Puraana Pool, Zoo Park, Qutub Shaahi Tombs, Dhola-Ri-Dhaani, the newly-sprung theme parks/water parks, Film City....the list goes on and on and on.

Gandipet is one place which one must see, especially the sun-set view from there, awesome!! You will simply fall in love with this place if you have the leisure to enjoy it. It takes time to grow on you but once you get used to it, no other place can beat it.

Hi-Tec City

I am really proud to be a Hyderabaadi and I am very sure almost all of us agree that this place really rocks. Why else did two US Presidents visit the city? This place sure is making its mark and the Hyderabaadis are making their presence felt in almost all the fields not to be left behind in anything... this is the most happening place right now.

The life here is taking a faster pace as well with global interest concentrated on it, but deep down it still retains its very unique flavor.


Chaitu said...

Hmmm ... nice article! You seem to be reviewing a lot ... are you by any chance considering a career in writing??

There are couple things I want to bring your attention to ... dont be mad at me though!! You "grow to like/love something" but you dont "grow up to like/love something". And you say "life" not "The life".

Well, I was kind of reading it as a novel and these are the two things that caught my eye :D. By the way, I am begining to like your blog. You are not supposed to find any mistakes in this comment though :P.

Kalpana said...

Sush, you made me feel that I am at Hyderabad. We'll go for boating 1 day for sure. You never told me this. Ok, Good one.

Sush said...

Thank you, point taken. I am not considering serious writing, just putting some jiberrish on the net. It is nice of you to start liking my blog, well... is there something I do and you dont like???haha.

Listen teddy bear, a blog is for me is the emotional outsource and as Syam rightly says "manam edi raaste ade correct.. rules avi emi undavu.. mana bloglo manaki freedom lekapote ela?" No syntax no grammar.

And yes, I have actually grown up liking this place. Earlier, there was nothing much. Thanks to NTR's efforts to beautify this place and the continued efforts of his succeeders, it is as cool as it is right now.. maybe for the past 12 years or so.

Sush said...

Hey caps, boating started fairly recently maybe around 4 years ago and after your marraige, we never had the opportunity to go out in the evenings except of course for those countless movies. Come down first and there are a loooooooot of things we need to do.

Sush said...

Hey, kiddo your lecture has been shifted to my mailbox.. dont be angry not to find it there. Points taken, dont worry things will fall into place. Anyways, good effort... keep trying.

Chaitu said...

hmmm ... shifting the lecture was not good!! Now how can I start the wordmine????? Ah?

Anyways I am happy I dont have to take the trouble to reply that :D. Seriously, that was a good thing you did!

V. Vijay Venu said...

For those of you who want a transcript of that 'shifted' posting, please do visit my blog... :-)

Sush said...

by the way, the id is

Chaitu said...

And oh, by the way, tell where the transcript lies too!!

V. Vijay Venu said...

Ha Haaa.. fooled ya! that was one classy cheap trick to bring visitors to my site as well... :-)

Chaitu said...

Damn! :P ... guess what, I did visit your blog even otherwise :D!!

As your big little sis pointed out the other day, you do seem to be fond of oxymorons. Hmmm ...

V. Vijay Venu said...

When life itself is full of oxymoronic lessons, it makes good sense to use them to portray it in vivid colours!

Mohamed Taher said...

Hi came reading thro' Aysha's comments section about Chetan Bhagat.
Nice to see that a Hyderabadi is getting stretched in life and libraries.
As a librarian, (you speak about your experience in another post), I suggest that you have the benefit of requesting your librarian to get you, from other branches, ANYTHING. I am not kidding, audio, videos, and everything.
Wish you all the best, visit our Hyderabadiz blog, as well leave your comments.
Best, MT, Toronto

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