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May 5, 2006

Jeannie in Trini

Caribbean Islands, specifically Trinidad is one place where I want to be right now. I mean career-wise that is the best offer one can have.. Imagine, International Trainer tag which I would get when back in India and the experience is really going to help me a lot understanding the processes overseas. But why am I not there, some twist of fate or a decision well thought out?? well, I dont want to feel bad about it now...

Anyways, I dont miss any action out there thanks to Jeannie and her constant updates in her blogs.. that is one blog site I love to visit every single day. In fact, I miss it when she does not update it for a couple of days at a stretch. It would have been really great if we got the opportunity to spend some time together but no problems.. she will come down to India one day and we can still have a blast.

We keep joking that we need to find someone solid rich for me so that he can sponsor us both for a trip around the world. I love her family a lot, a sweet, small family.. Eric (he is too slow at typing but really a cute teddy bear) and the kids Sydney and Shelby (am auntie Sushma to them).. got some pretty Indian dresses for the kiddos but yet to send them.. at the rate at which the kids grow in this age, I wonder if they would ever fit into those by the time I send them across.

It really feels good to know that in that part of the world too people value family and sentiments.

That is Jeannie with 12-guage shotgun, Booboo(shelby) with the doggie, and Sydney making faces for the camera.

This is Eric fishing..

Before I knew them, I thought Americans actually dont value relationships and all that crap that we are brought up to believe.. look at the west, their culture, their divorces, blah..blah..blah.. Well, they are very much like us, Eric taking care of the kids in PA with Jeannie out in Trini to make a career for herself.. I would say it really requires a lot of understanding and committment which I dont think a lot of Indian men would do no matter how much they love and trust their wives.

Quote For The Day
Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully.


Kalpana said...

I know how much you longed to be at Trinidad. You did not even tell me that you have got such good friends over there. Atleast, I knew now. Convey my best wishes to everyone of them. Good photos. Can you just send me the blog name of her's?

Chaitu said...

I did not know that you were missing Trinidad so much! Well, you know what they say ... it is never too late!! :D

The main reason I am commenting now is one statement in your blog ... which I happen to find odd ..."I would say it really requires a lot of understanding and committment which I dont think a lot of Indian men would do no matter how much they love and trust their wife" ... I happen to disagree - it just depends on how much you are willing to give yourself in a relationship ... can you give yourself completely without expecting anything? Can you trust the other person yourself completely ... ??? To be frank (sorry that I am being blunt), can you trust anyone completely? Think about it ... as they say, durapu kondalu nuvupu ... it depends on us as to how much a relationship is worth and how much we are willing to put in ... sorry for the big class!! :P ... anyways, dont take this to heart! Just to make you think!

Sush said...

Well.. that was a general statement about the common Indian Men's mentality.

I do understand your dig was directed at me.. I know I dont really let anyone get beyond a closely guarded line but it will surely change when I marry someone okay...

no need to be sorry.. freedom of expression you see :-).

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