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May 10, 2006

Life is all about choices..

Life is all about choices. One's destiny unfolds according to the choices one makes. All said and done, life comes down to a few key moments, then why bother over trivial things and lose peace of mind. I need to rekindle my spirit for living and keep the firing going no matter what.

Anger blinds us to reason. I really cant figure out why I let myself give in to anger at times and end up doing the worst possible things.. why? No matter what happens to you in life, you alone have the option to choose your response to it.. very true, quite a few things happen to us, with or without our liking, but the way we take it depends totally on us alone.

For the past couple of days, I had been seething with anger at some really silly issues.. lot of energy is consumed for negative thoughts. In stead, I have decided to divert my energy to a constructive purpose.. why not just give an outlet to the excess energy and turn it positive. Why not pursue my CMT stuff. Well, that has been long due anyways, why not just prepare with a vengeance and give it a try..

Actually no goal setting is complete without a deadline attached to it, so why not this month. So, got to go now, need to prepare and try being a CMT by this month end. Good luck to me!! (by the way for those who dont know what CMT is, it means Certified Medical Transcriptionist.. a certification in my profession.)

I need to catch up with life, before it catches me right!!

Quote For The Day
We never see the target a man aims at, in life; we see only the target he hits.


Chaitu said...

Hmmm ... what can I say? I am reminded of two things after reading this - one is a dialouge from a telugu movie (never thought I would ever refer to a telugu movie) and the other is "wisdom" from a good friend of mine. The first goes like this - "Your happiness depends on you and you alone. Your unhappiness (read depression, anger etc) depends on others and your reaction to it". The second one goes like this - "Nothing is more important/huge than you let it".

Well, reading your post, I realized that someone is thinking still ... so no more classes from me!! Good luck with the CMT!

And can help take this dig at you - some of the sentences in the post are so Indianzed (hope this is the correct spelling for that word, if it exists :D) ... got to watch yourself! Well, if that was indeed your intention (like your little big bro says) without knowing it, then forgive me :P. Take care!

Sush said...

hey.. indianized or westenized, telagana or andhra.. i write what i feel like.. chadivite chaduvu ledante light teesuko.. bhaashanloddu..

Kalpana said...

All The Best And Keep Up With Good Spirits!!!

Chaitu said...

My ... my ... my ... dont be so mad!! Ignorance is bliss no doubt, but as they say knowledge is power! Am not saying that you are wrong fellow writer ... am just saying ... well ... nothing! Wont say anything! :D

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