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May 18, 2006

Mama Mia, Here I go again...

Finally, I got a slot.. I just cant believe it, I did that after almost a year and a half (pinching myself time and again).

With Kiddo's arrival my day is wasted, no work, no study, just plain loafing around.

By the way wonder of wonders... I have not touched TV in quite some time.. 2 full weeks, an achievement in itself... really a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig wow!!!! on this.. Common guys, I really deserve an applause for this. I wonder how I managed to do without my daily dose of rona, dhona, sanskaar, parivaar daily serials. Without TV, I seem to pack more into my day and there I was wondering I would be having withdrawal symptoms.. ha ha!!

Even with all the hue and cry about the movie, I am keeping my fingers crossed that "The Da Vinci Code" lives up to its book version. Many times in transition from words to frames, the content loses it flavor. I ruined my liking for Pride and Prejudice watching the movie. Just hope this one turns out to be fine!! Big hope though, the reviews dont seem to be all that good... just cant wait to watch it!!

Outing with Mom and guess what, I actually liked it. Just went out for a casual walk and ended up shopping and eating out.. had a blast. Now I know where I got those strange eating habits... in the genes you see ;-). The downside was she got me a book "From Fat to Fit" booohooo. I felt like yelling from the roof top "I am not FAT... just a little plumpy for god's sake."

Hey, you guys ever had Chicken Corn Pizza, sounds a crazy combo but reaaaaaaaal yummmy!! Try it out. Food is great but it would have been better if they had toy meal offers like in Mac Donald's.

Hey Caps, Magna serves the best pani puris in Taste Buds.. just come fast.


Kalpana said...

Happy to hear that u stopped watching TV completely.:));). Hey, corn samosa's, corn pizza's, whatever with corn, I have seen only in Hyd. Here, no way. Nene pettalemo oka Corn Restaurant.:)).
Sure, we'll have Pani Puri as u said in Taste Buds. I might be there by next month, this time:(.
But, if possible, u'll be over here.;)

Kalpana said...

Hi Sush, enti no updates. Don't stop. Keep posting.....

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