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May 7, 2006

An Outing On a Sweltering Day

Working from home!! a lot of my friends think it is cool.. well, actually it is NOT.. it is really a mess, you end up being too lazy to go out, lose all the social contacts, end up becoming a compulsive netaholic, and what not.

Relatives who simply refuse to understand that you dont just stare at the monitor but actually are at work are the worst thing that can happen to a work-at-home lady. Thank God!! I do not yet have any such problems but a lot of my home-based colleagues complain of that.

My biggest problem is the inertia.. I hardly feel like going out these days. In fact, it has been more than a week since I actually ventured out into the balcony let alone outside the doorstep, well that is really really bad.. so yours truly decided to go for an outing in the sweltering heat (maybe 40 plus degrees celcius) starting at about 11 a.m. beginning by standing in the serpentine queue at ICICI to deposit some money. Net banking and ATMs have made our lives so easier that I was cursing the entire time I was standing in the queue.

Then I decide on an impulse to use the public transport, so take an auto, go to the bus terminal at KPHB, take 187 and go to Lakdi-Ka-Pool, do some shopping there and then go to Koti to buy some books and here I get really really hungry and there appears the famous Gokul Chat, the paradise for the chat lovers, eat to my heart's content and set out on my book hunt.

It was a good change after all that Landmarks and Waldens, you get real good quality books at less than half the price and there is a lot of variety too. I still cant believe it, I picked up Dan Brown's Digital Fortress, original, for 70 rupees.. best buy of the day maybe and got a load of other books, basically a lot of paperbacks, enough to keep me engaged for more than a month. Got back home again in 225 (the bus I hated in my college days for being overcrowded all the time) at around 4:30..

Phew!!! what a day it had been.. by the time I got home, I just felt wilted.. well, I actually need quite a lot of such outings (on a less hot day though) just to keep me from going crazy.

I just cant wait for Capsi to come and resume our loafing sessions.. hahaha.. pack your bags dear..someone is desperately waiting for you.

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Kalpana said...

I'll be there ma'm. Just wait for few days.

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