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May 17, 2006

Prep, job... rambling and more rambling

It is just about 12:15 and I am done with work for today, not bad considering that I have not started that early either. Well, it seems to have been ages since I did that. Stretching throughout the day is messy and irritating. It is like being on the job all the day.. not working yet you have that target looming over, relaxing yet not actually relaxing... phew, no wonder I have been feeling overworked but actually working less.

One good thing is I finally got my approval for CMT third time around, well lemme paste it here for you guys to see. Hopefully (keeping my fingers crossed), I wont let it lapse this time around.

Exam: CMTB
AAMT ID: 141905
Authorization good through: 8/15/2006 (which means I need to take up the test before 15th August).

On this note, why not tell you what I actually do for my bread and butter :-).

Medical Transcription.. A major healthcare outsourcing by US to India, where medical reports are typed out and sent back to US within a specified TAT (turn-around time). It is not just data entry job, as many of you guys tend to misunderstand. It requires a lot of skill, patience, undivided attention to the job on the hand and constant upgradation of the skills to survive the competition and come out a winner, not to say the occupational hazards involved in the long run. I am not saying this because I do it, but actually working for so long and knowing inside outs of this profession, I do understand and respect those guys who have been doing it for a long time.

Well, rather than me going blah.. blah.. about it all, for all those who are interested just check it out straight from the horse's mouth .

After almost 7 years into transcription, I feel like a veteran and just like those of you who are working, I have this love-hate relationship with my job. I love it for its complexity and skill-set utilization but hate it when it becomes mere garbage cleaning (I am a proof reader by the way, which means I dont actually type out the document but ensure that the quality of the transcript is accurate). Some transcripts are sooooooooo bad that believe me, I would give anything to just ignore it and type it myself, but I just cant do because I need to grade the jobs as well, constructive feedback (my foot) you see.

On-the-job issues we have are difficult dictators (believe me you got to listen to them to believe English can be spoken this bad. It often leaves me wondering how they got to pass medicine and become the specialists that they are!!). Interestingly enough the toughest ones are not the Americans, they are the easiest. The problem is with those Indians, Chineese, Japanese, Mexican authors, i.e., basically all those non-American-origin guys who try to imitate the American accent and make our lives miserable and surprisingly they are the ones who crib the most about quality (comeon, speak out clearly for god's sake!!, You are getting what you give us you morons!!!). Some docs do give me nightmares (Bejjani, Neuschwander, Domat, Muthappan.. endless list though) and at times I just feel like leaving my job forever and find something better to do but then when I finish those jobs with no blanks at all, I have that feeling of triumph over them which is unmatchable.

The upside to this all is we are well-equipped with medical knowledge and are aware of a lot of healthcare-related concerns, get familiar with a different culture, lifestyle, etc. and cracking a word using all your correlating skills gives us immense pleasure and the satisfaction of a job well done. The downside however, is, believe me, you just cant trust these Indian government doctors anymore. I dont intend to demean the medical fraternity here. There is no dreath of talent here but the services of the talented lot are limited only to the rich and famous in India (pun intended!)... okay, I will stop here. I can go on and on this topic though.. let me save it for my blog on them some other time.

Getting back to my work, I work for a place which provides 24x7 transcription support, which means we work in shifts.. Night shift (10 to 6) is permanant and is a voluntary option but the day shift is rotational with change every 15 days (6 to 2 and 2 to 10). As you all know, I work from home and being a proofreader is the topmost post I can reach, which means I am saturated right now, growth wise. One major change, which I think has been one of my worst career decisions so far is going back to dayshift. Another nightmare.. oops daymare (if there can be something like that) is my new dayshift TL, lilly as I grudgingly call him. Believe me, he is neither beautiful not fragrant as the actually lilly is, quite tangentially opposite in fact. My workday starts and ends with his pops in the IP switch (in-house pop). I am not exaggerating, mind you, the day he wishes me, I can be rest assured that my day is gone to dogs. Well, that may be the reason of my overstretched work hours these days. He leaves no stone unturned to breathe down my neck, "did you login, how is it going, are you going to work, how much left, check this mail, do that thing, can you open that attachment, is the data clear... blah.. blah... blah..." try switching off the pop to get some peace of mind and there he is on your phone going blah... blah.. blah... God, save me from him!!! If I am planning to become a sanyasi one of these days, you now know who the cause is.

To sum it all.. my job is either a New Challenge Every Day or Same S*** Different Day (SSDD as Jeannie calls it) based on a lot of factors and my varying moods of course.


Kalpana said...

Good that u completed working early for today. Atlast:). As you said, take up the test by June 5th, don't postphone again since the date is till Aug 15th. Sush, all the Jobs are alike now a days. Nothing is soooo easy. Who will allow the employers work with fun? We need to do it creatively. Neeku thelisinantha gaa naaku theliyadu Indian doctors gurinchi. When we meet, we'll have a discussion. :));)

Sush said...

Sure.. another topic for midnight sessions ;-).

Chaitu said...

Well ... I dont know what to say ... but still look on the bright side ... there are too many to just ignore them :D

Anonymous said...

You rock, girlfriend! haha You know no one appreciates our field...but when they go to the doctor and avoid getting that medication they are allergic to (only because we didn't screw it up in the chart), then they can thank us! haha

p.s. You will blow the CMT test away, dear.

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