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May 15, 2006

Sleep, my first love!!

Sleep.. hmmm.. sleep is something I have always excelled at since my childhood. Any free time, one would find me sleeping away to glory, a total dreamless sleep that is. Any given day.. oops night, I needed at least 10-hour sleep, anything less I would be so restless the next day. The only solution to every problem was sleep it out..

And when on sleep, dreams are something that have intrigued me always, I mean I hardly dream and even if I do which is very, very rare, I dont remember anything in particular.

I remember my marathon sleeping sessions when in hostel in Bangalore leaving my roommates wonder about my resting capabilities.. I still remember one question, which I thought was funny at that time "dont you get body pains sleeping for that long" and I was like... "common sleeping is resting, no pains, only pleasure.." Well.. now I know, it actually hurts when we sleep for a long time.. 8 hours max and I am already tossing and turning, it is like body screaming, get up you dumbo!! age factor maybe.. getting older by the day right!! My situation is getting so bad that I am actually beginning to envy those who manage to sleep properly.

One thing I miss real bad now is sleeping on time and waking up early, being able to see that beautiful sunrise, one of the nature's unique gift to mankind.... it is becoming increasingly difficult to get up in the morning.. well, how can I?? I stay awake almost throughout the night... :-((.... me staying up and blogging at this ungodly hour itself suggests something absurd. I have become a night owl, a nocturnal being. I need to pull up the strings faster and get back to a normal routine.

I used to always yell at the kiddo for his erratic sleep pattern, well, what is it that I do now... I guess, the genes are catching up with me ;-). I seriously need to do something about it and the biiiiiiiig question is WHAT???

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Kalpana said...

Have good night sleep;).

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