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May 5, 2006

You Think You Know Who You are...???

The tagline of the Oscar winning movie Crash.. when Officer Ryan (Matt Dillon at his best) asks Officer Hanson (Ryan Phillippe) You Think You Know Who You are?? "You have no idea." Well, that is what I call truly thought provoking..

It is a well-made movie, all in a two-day span displaying human emotions perfectly tackling the most controversial subject about racially and economically diverse groups in LA. The theme is quite unsettling at times and certain scenes are really too good like the director's wife telling him "I just couldn't stand see that man take away your dignity." after all that humiliation she goes through and the most touching one is of Lara and Daniel (Father and Daughter), their winged fairy and the magic cloak, especially the scene where the kid rushes to rescue her father saying "I'll protect you Daddy"

We dont always act like how we are actually rather circumstances have a great say on how things turn out and it is wonderfully potrayed as in the case of Officer Ryan rescuing the lady and Officer Hanson shooting Peter, the innocent black kid. Our actions are mostly driven by certain prejudices we have, very deep down, which are supressed by our rational thoughts but pop up the moment we let our fears take over. With every step we take towards economic progress, we are falling down into the abysmal depths of indifference and materialism. Despite proclaiming to be a liberal and global society, can we ever take diversity in our stride and move towards the so-called "universal brotherhood" where race and creed do not matter. Forget the race and creed, can we ever treat people who look a little different than us in whatever little way it is with equality. It is either pity or fear or whatever goddamn feeling it is but never equality. Why have our thoughts become so narrow as we surge ahead widening our horizons.

Well, well, I am not going to reveal the entire plot now nor am I going to lecture out on equality. I will leave something for you guys when you watch it for the first time and let you think it over!!

"Live your life at the point of impact" "Moving at the speed of life, we are bound to collide with each other." Phew.. the script is too good. The character interactions are simply superb... a must watch..

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Kalpana said...

Need to watch it...... Do u have any DVD?

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