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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Jun 16, 2006

Parents will be parents..

I always wonder can we understand them ever completely... naah.. at least not me. When I anticipate them to scold me hard for doing something foolish they dont even say a word and at times, the most unsuspecting ones at that, they would make a ruckus about anything and everything.

I always try and fail to analyze their moods and always end up wondering are all of them like that only. My one question always is why do they always want us to do something which they feel is right for us and not what we feel is right. All said and done, it is a real pleasure to see them accept our decisions and take pride in what we do. Well, may be I would understand these relationship dynamics completely only when I become a parent myself!!

Just looking at their happiness at my being settled gives me immense pleasure. That glow in their faces and the song in their hearts... everything seems too good to believe (touchwood). All the tension that I used to see built up in them for my future is vanished and in that place is a peace and calm. I think we do not understand certain intricacies of relationships unless we pass through them. With my better half by my side everything seems great, two sets of parents who take care of our every little wish, a little kiddo, a sweet SIL, a little sweet monster to complete the picture.... oh wow, sounds like heaven, can do anything to keep this happiness like that (touchwood). I already am head over heels in love with my extended family... Amma just keep showering those blessings on us all.. I know it is you taking care of me from there, miss you the most now.

Jun 14, 2006

Kichpulaav... yummy, yummy..

Heeeeeeeeeyyy my kitchen exploits turned out great today. Ventured into the kitchen out of necessity and what started as an attempt to make kichdi the instant dish I prefer to prepare as there is no need to make any curry separately turned out just fine, in fact great. Looking at a lot of veggies and peas in the fridge, I tried making pulaav of sorts... so ting, tong.. menu change and I ended up making what I named "kichpulaav" and guess what, it was really yummy (certified by mom who never hesitates to comment if it is bad), so it indeed was yummy.

I just cant wait till I make you guys eat it. By the way, I intend to bring about a radical change in the way you perceive my culinary skills. Every doggie has its day, even I will start preparing dishes leaving you guys no option but to beg for more (konchem extra ;-)) .

Committment brings about a lot of changes in the way you look at things. Guess what!!! I actually want to cook good... just to see that glint in his eyes. Well, cant take chances. As the golden adage goes, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." I intend to use this golden period (post engagement and pre marraige) to hit the bull's eye. I need all your wishes and more to do that or shall we say, he would need all your wishes and more to bear it all ;-).

Jun 13, 2006

Anger Management :-(

I seem to be so wired up and tensed for no reason at all these days.. getting crankier by the day and this is really really bad of me... what happened to my smiley resolution (by the way, remember I have 2 smileys which I crush when in anger to release it).. I am successful to a large extent when it comes to anyone else but immediate family, God save them from my outbursts...

Life presents us with so many complex situations and it is only with patience and positive approach that we can sail through them easily.. in spite of knowing all this, I get cranky at times and that is the worst part. Today's target was the kiddo.. solid attack with granades, missiles, and all. Will I ever learn not to lose my cool??? Why do I have to be so verbal and hyper when angry, why dont I just let things be and stay silent... I really envy people who can stay as cool as cucumbers in all the situations... when will I ever start acting maturely??

Sorry kiddo for being rude, but mind you only for being rude. I meant what I said and would appreciate if you learn something out of it. I was right but the way I put it is absolutely condemnable.

Got to calm down and put in serious efforts to this end.

Lesson Learned

Phew!!! what a day it was!! Roaming around the city looking out for Sony World outlets and service centers.. what a waste of precious time, all because of some stupid antic of kiddo. Before you wonder what I am talking about, kiddo spoiled my cousin's cam... not a big damage, just broke the battery lock of Sony Digicam, the model which is not available in India.. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooo... Waiting eagerly for a response from Sony Singapore as to whether and when the case could be replaced. A biiig lesson learned, never ever handle electronic goods of relatives that are not available in India. Not that they would say anything or it is a big deal but because it is a real pain giving explanation and feeling bad and guilty.. yukkkkk!! the sickest feeling.

Missing my other half real bad... it is very difficult staying apart and not being able to communicate properly, well this is day 1 and there are a lot many more days to go!!! I just hope I get used to this feeling and not be an obstacle in his career path.

Got to start working at least now.. it has been almost a fortnight since I actually worked... okai then before I drift off into another deep sorrow session, let me get back to work and do something constructive... ciao then..

Jun 12, 2006

Am back!!

Before you guys think I have vanished from the surface of this earth.. here is a confirmation, I did not!! was way too busy with so much happening in my life so soon.

Guess you guys must have checked the snaps by now.. I am happy that a few of you could make it to be with me and bless us both and the rest of you all, I missed you a loooooooooooot!! I was actually way too busy to notice anything but I know it would have been a lot better with you guys' physical presence.

It is strange how strangers come into our lives and suddenly become the center of our universe. It is a real great feeling of belonging to someone and starting a whole new life of our own sharing all the ups and downs. The very feeling of not being alone anymore is awesome!!

Its an amazing feeling to realise that you have found the one you are going to spend your whole life loving and caring and knowing as well, not because you have to(like with family) but you want to...

Thanks amma!!! I miss you but now I know you are there right next to me, making things easy for me. Thanks for filling my life with all that I wanted and more.

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