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Jun 12, 2006

Am back!!

Before you guys think I have vanished from the surface of this earth.. here is a confirmation, I did not!! was way too busy with so much happening in my life so soon.

Guess you guys must have checked the snaps by now.. I am happy that a few of you could make it to be with me and bless us both and the rest of you all, I missed you a loooooooooooot!! I was actually way too busy to notice anything but I know it would have been a lot better with you guys' physical presence.

It is strange how strangers come into our lives and suddenly become the center of our universe. It is a real great feeling of belonging to someone and starting a whole new life of our own sharing all the ups and downs. The very feeling of not being alone anymore is awesome!!

Its an amazing feeling to realise that you have found the one you are going to spend your whole life loving and caring and knowing as well, not because you have to(like with family) but you want to...

Thanks amma!!! I miss you but now I know you are there right next to me, making things easy for me. Thanks for filling my life with all that I wanted and more.


Chaitu said...

Hmmm ... that is nice. You know, even with family it is not like you have to ... you want to but since they say that you should you think the same too. It is just an illusion. Anything can be possible as long as you are willing to ... I am really gald that you decided to take the step forward and learn to trust another. Good luck!

PS: Welcome back!

Kalpana said...

Congrats again....... Not able to key in much as I am busy now. Will meet you soon.....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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