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Jun 13, 2006

Anger Management :-(

I seem to be so wired up and tensed for no reason at all these days.. getting crankier by the day and this is really really bad of me... what happened to my smiley resolution (by the way, remember I have 2 smileys which I crush when in anger to release it).. I am successful to a large extent when it comes to anyone else but immediate family, God save them from my outbursts...

Life presents us with so many complex situations and it is only with patience and positive approach that we can sail through them easily.. in spite of knowing all this, I get cranky at times and that is the worst part. Today's target was the kiddo.. solid attack with granades, missiles, and all. Will I ever learn not to lose my cool??? Why do I have to be so verbal and hyper when angry, why dont I just let things be and stay silent... I really envy people who can stay as cool as cucumbers in all the situations... when will I ever start acting maturely??

Sorry kiddo for being rude, but mind you only for being rude. I meant what I said and would appreciate if you learn something out of it. I was right but the way I put it is absolutely condemnable.

Got to calm down and put in serious efforts to this end.


V. Vijay Venu said...

..huh.. you are not to be blamed.. I have this knack of getting onto your nerves, and you have borne it for long.. don't worry...

I am concerned for that poor prince Charming of yours... God Save the Noble Soul..... [:p]. Hope he is seeing your blogs and readying himself for all these trysts... By the way, nice way to start intimidating your would-be from now itself.... ve ve veeee... heee heee heee..... kurrrrr....

Sush said...

you are hopeless ;-).

Anonymous said...

Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.

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