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Jun 13, 2006

Lesson Learned

Phew!!! what a day it was!! Roaming around the city looking out for Sony World outlets and service centers.. what a waste of precious time, all because of some stupid antic of kiddo. Before you wonder what I am talking about, kiddo spoiled my cousin's cam... not a big damage, just broke the battery lock of Sony Digicam, the model which is not available in India.. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooo... Waiting eagerly for a response from Sony Singapore as to whether and when the case could be replaced. A biiig lesson learned, never ever handle electronic goods of relatives that are not available in India. Not that they would say anything or it is a big deal but because it is a real pain giving explanation and feeling bad and guilty.. yukkkkk!! the sickest feeling.

Missing my other half real bad... it is very difficult staying apart and not being able to communicate properly, well this is day 1 and there are a lot many more days to go!!! I just hope I get used to this feeling and not be an obstacle in his career path.

Got to start working at least now.. it has been almost a fortnight since I actually worked... okai then before I drift off into another deep sorrow session, let me get back to work and do something constructive... ciao then..


Kalpana said...

Sush, don't worry much. Situations konni thappavu. We'll need to face them, whatever they are. Since, I am sailing in the same boat, I am able to tell you this..... Think of career now.....Ok.....

Sush said...

I know you guys will be there to see me through everything.. thank you.

Anonymous said...

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