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Jun 16, 2006

Parents will be parents..

I always wonder can we understand them ever completely... naah.. at least not me. When I anticipate them to scold me hard for doing something foolish they dont even say a word and at times, the most unsuspecting ones at that, they would make a ruckus about anything and everything.

I always try and fail to analyze their moods and always end up wondering are all of them like that only. My one question always is why do they always want us to do something which they feel is right for us and not what we feel is right. All said and done, it is a real pleasure to see them accept our decisions and take pride in what we do. Well, may be I would understand these relationship dynamics completely only when I become a parent myself!!

Just looking at their happiness at my being settled gives me immense pleasure. That glow in their faces and the song in their hearts... everything seems too good to believe (touchwood). All the tension that I used to see built up in them for my future is vanished and in that place is a peace and calm. I think we do not understand certain intricacies of relationships unless we pass through them. With my better half by my side everything seems great, two sets of parents who take care of our every little wish, a little kiddo, a sweet SIL, a little sweet monster to complete the picture.... oh wow, sounds like heaven, can do anything to keep this happiness like that (touchwood). I already am head over heels in love with my extended family... Amma just keep showering those blessings on us all.. I know it is you taking care of me from there, miss you the most now.


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