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Jul 28, 2006

Rover.. my only colleague at home..

It really gets boring working from home day in and day out.. with no one working around, I sometimes feel that I am the only one working when the whole world is having fun knowing fully well that is not the case... but still :-)).

Rover, the default windows search companion, the animated doggie that appears with the search command we give in Windows XP is the only colleague who works with me at home. With my penchant for a clean desktop, I often end up creating a lot of folders and dump all the downloads, documents, samples, etc., etc., in some hidden location. If not for that sweetie pie, one might find me whacking my brains trying to figure out what is where.

I love the way that poor thing sniffs out the documents I gave the search string for and takes rest after my constant search commands as long as I work; the way he wags his tail; the way he blinks his huge innocent puppy eyes; the way he sniffs his nose; the yellow bell and the red belt on his neck; that bowl of his, the flag, the ball, the bone, the book.. all the peripherals he uses when we click on that "Do a Trick" option. You got to believe me when I say I spend some time playing with this guy quite often :-)).. Well, let me stop now before S gets jealous of this guy ;-). But all said and done, he is the best colleague I have ever had.. the only problem is he wont talk to me.. but that is okay.. if we end up talking and imagine if he were a chatterbox like me, I wont even start working with the great quality called inertia that I have :-).

First day prep, yet to start.. after a whole day of loafing around and completing the office work for the day, am about to start off my prep.. exactly 15 days to go.. the countdown starts today.. Get, set, go...


Kalpana said...

Madam, we'll try to have a day out.....Till then, just study.......

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