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Jul 7, 2006

Times Together..

Masked Monsters (Caps and Me) in Chennai..

This one is long pending. I am too very absorbed in my very own world to update the once very regular, almost a ritual kind of blogs, they are now quite random and abrupt but I am not complaining and neither are you guys ;-) thanks for understanding.

Caps is back in Hyd. So, time to say "yahoooooo chaahe koi hamein junglee kahen..." and plunge into the fun unlimited zone.. something that we are both fond of.

I dont seem to find enough time to do anything much together nowadays but she being very understanding, we still manage to steal those exclusive "sush-caps moments".

By the way guys, if you want to see "kitakitalu" the much-touted EVV comedy, please think again.. I think that is the first ever movie we walked out on within the first 10 minutes and ended up with headache for the rest of the day but of course we managed to get tickets half-hour late and saw "Sri Rama Dasu" 'cos we did not want to ruin our outing and of course had fun at Tabla ;-) later on once we came out of that kitakitalu impact.

A lot of changes do come in one's life, but true friends stick to each other (touchwood) no matter what. With Anita on her way back to recovery, things do seem a lot more brighter in the near future.. Get well soon and a lot more faster dear.


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Kalpana said...

Atlast, 'we' on net....masked;). Good work, Sush. We both need to take out some time for ourselves, altleast when we meet. This time, for sure.

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