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Aug 30, 2006

Accidental Finds... Too Good :-)

Yours truly had a yummy meal today comprising of "Munaga Kaaya Pulusu" or the drumstick curry with lots of onions and tomatoes for gravy prepared my mom.. I must admit that I love eating this curry just for the pure pleasure of chewing it :-). I relish it with utmost joy... You must look at those "yuuukkkkk!!!" stares that I get from my friends when I actually enjoy that to know what I mean :-))). You know, just chew each peice until there is no juice whatsover left it in and it takes like some tasteless grass or cotton in my mouth (pippi, pippi chesi namaladam) :-).

This also reminds me very much of Amma (what doesnt??). We had a couple of trees in our backyard and every alternate day we used to go and get those to get them cooked by her.. did I tell you she was an amazing cook.. she was the best in all the ways...

Just when I was searching for an image of drumsticks to go with this blog of mine, I stumbled on two extremely good cookery sites.. Indian Food and Andhra Recipies from Sailu's Kitchen and Mahanandi hosted by Ms. Indira. You got to believe me when I say I have fallen hook, line, and sinker :-)).. They are really amazing, a mere look at those dishes in these sites made my mouth water and made me want to cook that good too :-)).


Kalpana said...

Melliga home maker lakshanaalu vasthunnaayi....Good....Mulakkaya taste baaguntundi..... I too love it....

Indira said...


I appreciate that you liked the contents of my website "Mahanandi". But pictures of my website are proprietary and copyright protected and I prefer keeping the photos and contents exclusive to my website, not copied by others.

I appreciate if you would respect my intentions and I ask you to remove the pictures from your website.


Twisted DNA said...

I know some people who are fanatic fans of drumsticks. When they see me leave out the drumsticks, they get really mad :)

And ya, Mahanadi is a great site

Keshi said...

I love drumsticks altho it's very hard to find em here in Aus.


Sush said...

Caps... home maker lakshanaalu.. it is good for syam.

Indira.. I was not aware of the proprietary stuff and do not intend to violate yours in any way, it was just an image hunt which landed me there and purely unintentional, and the image is out now, regret the goofup.

T-DNA.. I dont mind anyone leaving them out and not fanatical about them, it is purely one's taste and choice :-).

Keshi... dont worry, I will have it on behalf of you too :-))

Indira said...

Thanks Sushma!

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