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Aug 23, 2006

Back on Track..

Surprisingly enough, I got my certificate and pin from AAMT... my oh my.. that was real fast. Feels good and finally it has sunk in. With that done, a quest for a new goal has started. Need to have some kind of a goal to look up to and strive to reach, otherwise life becomes kind of monotonus and boring.

I think I am finally getting back on track with regard to my work, not completely, but I have kind of gotten back to my good old regimen and I am really happy about it, just intend to keep it so now at any cost.

Caps is back with a vengeance and I am waiting for more spiritual and intellectual stuff from her.

I want to visit my favorite place in Hyderabad, the necklace road et al and chill out for a while. Miss you caps, we would have had a blast if together now.


Kalpana said...

Once again Congrats!!! Happy to hear that u're getting on track.:)
Stuff is ready Mam but because of this site mess, it's getting little bit late. And Sush, this time I want u to be with me at my place. Eagerly ASAP.

White Forest said...


n all the best!

Keshi said...

hey tnxxx for dropping by :)

Congrattzz! Hope u get to go to Hyderabad soon and enjoy doing what u like the most.


Sush said...

Caps: I too just cant wait, let me get back to my form at work, then the first destination would be Caps House for Masti Unlimited.
WF: Thank you.
Keshi: I stay in Hyd only.. but since I work from home, I hardly venture out so miss my hangouts. :-).

La vida Loca said...

Looks like congrats are in order...
but But what is AAMT?
Is it a difficult thing?SOunds like a certification exam?
Congrats :)

Sush said...

American Association for Medical Transcription!! yup a certification.

priya said...

Congrats to you!!!

Murali said...

Hey congrats pal...And keep up the good work...Hyderabad is a gr8 place..especially for food...being a foodie till date, i love the Irani chai, the panipuri and not to forget the Biriyani (am a vegetarian, so excuse me) from Paradise...its like Paradise Lost for me here sitting in Singapore...
hmmmmmmm...mouth watering...u can have another plate in my name when u r there in Hyderabad...


Twisted DNA said...

Cool! Congratulations. What are you, a doc? RMP? Nurse?

I heard so much about the necklace road. I left India before it was build. Even though I visited Hyd after it was build, I never had a chance to hang out on it. Hope to go there next time!

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