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Aug 23, 2006

Cluttered Mind

Going over the past few days of my life, I have been feeling stuffy at times and I know I have been real cranky at times testing the patience of the loved ones and quite a few people around me. I was getting increasingly restless, not able to do justice to any task on hand and it seemed as if my life was kind of getting out of my control. I attributed it to a lot of reasons like the new changes in my life, the pressure of coping with a lot of expectations both on the personal and office front, lots of relatives dropping in every now and then and so on until I realized what my actual problem was... clutter around me, both thoughts and the otherwise too. Even with an extremely supportive S by my side, I was getting paranoid and anxious :-(.

I let things pile in my room, getting lazy even to change the bed sheet or keep the old news papers, in a shelf. Everything scattered everywhere, books, toys, sheets, towels thrown around in the most disorderly way, and the dressing table one must see.. full of everything that I laid my hands on. I am not an actual neatness freak but I like things arranged and in order. Over the years, I have come to notice that any kind of clutter makes me go crazy. I might not realize it but it gradually takes its toll on me just like it did now. The other day when I cleared up the mess and the room was back to its spick-and-span form, I realized what went wrong. I feel relieved, kind of became more focussed in my work and work does not seem to be dragging as much.

Well, has the clutter around me in the room got anything to do with my cluttered thoughts, which in turn made me cranky?? Well, it seems so.. I need to have that space, orderly and a neat one, to come back to after a tiring day.

Also, it is really very true that an idle man's mind is a devil's workshop. I have not really been working and putting in anything constructive in a day. Being a person who strongly believes you need to be doing useful stuff in order to call it a day, I dont seem be doing anything worthwhile either. Now that I have made myself and my room clutter-free, I already feel bright and positive and am bustling with a lot of energy and raring to go....


Kalpana said...

It happens with me too Sush. If my home is not arranged in a proper way, I get mad.I even will never be able to concentrate on any stuff. Today, this is what has happened. Just arranged all the stuff and now I feel cool and relaxed. I feel neatness and work are related.;)

Twisted DNA said...

The new saying is, "Idle devil's brain is like lazy woman's bedroom" ;)

Tharini said...

Clutter is a very debilitating thing. Its indeed great that you attributed your state of mind to the state of your surroundings.

Hvae you ever read Karen Kingston's books on Clutter Clearing and Space Clearing? They are amazing and quite pathbreaking.

I read them over a year ago, and I can honestly say that it jumpstarted me on the active spiritual journey that I am on now.

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