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Aug 7, 2006

Great News

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............. Feel like screaming at the roof top.... Me tooooooooooooooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... Thank you God!!.. Thanks for the sweetest, loveliest, cutest, healthy bonny baby nephew for me.. Thanks a million!!!

I always marvelled at the baby's birth and things related it. Babies always remind me of divine creation and their innocence just takes me into another world all together. Any time, looking at a baby smile makes me realy really happy and content. I can go hours and days just looking at them and forget everything.. ultimate source of joy and happiness to me.. they are just toooooo sweet to ignore.

I have seen a newborn for the first time.. actually within 10 minutes of birth and believe me the feeling is really really good.. nothing like I have ever felt before, it is pure ecstasy. The very instant I saw those baby button eyes, I fell in love with him, he is just too adorable.. actually all the kids are, but this is my NEPHEW!!...God bless the kiddo and by the way, you guys can add in loads of your wishes and blessings too...

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Twisted DNA said...

Yep they are great.. until they start walkning ;) Then they start wrecking havoc :)

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