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Aug 29, 2006

Half A Century To Date :-)

Five months since being an active blogger, 50th post, and still going great.. well, not bad!!

My God!! Blogging is really addictive.. I think I am transforming into a compulsive blogger these days. Time just flies by when I keep clicking the links and keep making virtual friends, I think I have met more people scattered across the globe in the last fortnight than I had ever in my life, getting to know people, their thoughts, making friends, sharing one's ups and downs... it is a different world altogether.. you can say I am hooked on to this blogging stuff.. :-).

By the way, I have or rather had an obsession for these soft toys or any toys for that matter. I have a huuuuuuuuge collection of soft toys, cars, bikes, etc, much to the annoyance of my parents. My mom looks at an excuse to give away at least one of them to my younger cousins or my cousins' kids.. friends keep teasing me that my hubby would have a tough time getting ME and not kids out of the toy store, but kya karen.. control hi nahin hota.. I just cant control the urge..

A few of my softies...

And you know what, each of these softies has a name.. poochie, the brown and white teddy is a beauty.. the teddy dressed as a girl is my oldest and my best buddy "SNOOPY", me and kiddo simply love it (I confess my deepest fears to that and Amma)... I have a frog, a tweety, chicken little, a puppet toy, a bunny, a girl with 2 pigtails, a fish, and a few more teddies tooo.. and I love each and every one of them.

The biiiiiiiiiiiig pink teddy is from S for the first "month-versary" or whatever to call it of our engagement. Isnt it chooo chhweet of him...


Pri said...

heyy thts a sweet collection u got there :) niceee!

priya said...

Thaz so sweet and I lofe the toys too. I have my ownt oys with cute names. I think it gives gr8 relief and less stress when I play with my toys

Twisted DNA said...

Blogging is addictive, isn't it! About the soft toys, some people get attached to them I guess. I gave my wife some soft toys in the initial days of our marriage, we don't even know where they are now :)

Ekta said...

awww thats a cute collection....i too have a collection and ur post reminds me that I havent really named all of them!

Keshi said...

wut a cute collection!


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