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Aug 27, 2006

Isnt he the cutest of all..

Wish you one and all a very happy Vinayaka Chaturthi.

Lord Ganesha.. is one of my favorites. Yup!! He, besides being a God, tops my list of favorite people. Isnt he the cutest of all... I love him in all shapes and sizes and just cant resist staring at those cute and sweet idols whenever I go gift shopping. A Ganesha idol is what I would gift my friends any time they are about to begin something really important for them.

And this is just a third of collection that I have on my bedside rack...

This is the only one festival the we ever celebrate in our house on a large scale. Ever since I can remember, me and kiddo used to get all excited and decked up with all our books and certificates ready to keep in the pooja room to get them blessed by him. The decoration that dad does after collecting all the "patri" with his own hands (I have never seen him buy that from outside, he hand picks them all) is awesome.

The best of them all is the one we celebrated in Bangalore, me and kiran reading out Kannada script "katha" since we could not find a Telugu or an English book and mind you, none of us new proper kannada, it is just that the script is similar. We gathered the stories remembering them from our previous years' poojas and from the mythological movies. It was the most hilarious of them all... the way we cleaned up our house, the dishes we prepared, the decoration, the pooja... every single thing will be etched in our memories forever :-)

Last year, amma was with me and we did the pooja together. This year, I am all alone and she is there with him smiling happily at me.. Miss you Amma.


Keshi said...

thats nice Sush. My mum keeps a Ganesha statue in the prayer room and a lil cute one in my car :)


Ekta said...

Hey Ia gree..ganu is so cutte..almost like a cute teddy bear!

Anand said...

Ur post reminds me of the ganpati at my house which am missing for the first time this yr!:-(

Kalpana said...

Ofcourse, he is cute. And Sush, you have a good collection.

Pri said...

wish u a very happy ganesh chathurthi sudh,...may ganeshji always be wth us :)---(he is my fav too)

mommyof2 said...

I have little statue of Ganesh ji on top of every room's door starting from the front door of our house And in the car too.

Since my son was born I keep one statue in the kids bag (don't want to say diper bag). I want Him to go everywhere with me:-)Once I took it out & put in the temple at my bhua's place & forgot it there but they are taking very good care of Him:-)

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