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Aug 10, 2006

Kids and Parents

Life is so unpredictable and that is sooo true. Just the day I was blogging about my cutest nephew and the very next day the kiddo falls sick :-(... some Rh incompatibility issues.. but whatever be the reason, my heart just bled looking at the poor one-day-old going through transfusions and stuff like that. We dont really know anything until it actually happens to us. Seeing so many babies with vents on and their tiny bodies covered with tubes and pipes and plasters and what not made my stomach churn for a while.. :-(.

Suddenly a realization dawns as to how our parents brought us up, facing so many odds. Bringing up kids is nothing less than a penace. They are so very dependent on us to care of them, one needs to teach them each and every little thing. Lot of pain and hardwork goes into raising them, but it is worth all that and more... that toothless grin and that twinkle in their eyes takes away all the fatigue. We are certainly indebted to our parents for having made us what we are today. It is really sad that we dont actually take time to acknowledge the fact that we do understand and appreciate and by the time we actually want to do something for them, it is too late :-((.

Love you amma.. miss you soooooooooooo much. Thanks a millon for all that you did for me.


Twisted DNA said...

You know, I never really appreciated my parents' patience until we had our son. I used to be as active as him and getting into as much trouble as him. At the end the day every day I am weary and without any energy and here in the US we don't do half as much as my mom used to do. I keep thanking htem in my mind for hte patience they had raising me! I don't think I will ever have that kind of patience

Sush said...

Very true.. with fast paced lives, we hardly manage to do things..

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