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Aug 30, 2006

Kids in Ads..

Ads.. something which have my complete attention when I watch TV.. they are simply the best.

I happened to watch 2 news ads, one of them was where this kid pesters a teen with a whole of lot of questions.. "yeh kya kar rahi ho?, patli banna chaahti ho? chocolate kyo khaati ho?, dieting kyo nahin karti? ulti kyo khadi ho? khana baahar aajayega to? kya mein ulta dikh rahaa hoon? TV mein woh kaun hai? uski to daadi hai? agar tumhe daadi aagaya to???" and goes on with his endless rambling not letting the teen do yoga in peace.

Ad: Reliance Insurance.
Message Driven: Get insurance by answering seven simple questions.

Second One
A kid gets a piggy bank (mud piggy bank) from his grandpa and told to take care of it... and taking care, he does.. he takes it everywhere he goes, when he bathes, when he sleeps, when he goes out in rain, when goes for a walk, and finally goes to a bank in a boat, with an umbrella hung to his shirt on his back, hiding his PB from the boatsman, goes to the bank and puts it in a locker... the whole of it was done beautifully... one must see it to enjoy it..

Ad: Bank of India
Message Driven: We dont just value your money, we value your feelings too. :-))..

Arent they cooooooool???

I just fall in love these kids in the ads every time I see them...
My top list includes
#Sunflower oil ad, kid leaves the home but comes back hearing that mom cooked "Jaleebi".... that workd "Jalebi" still makes me go weak in my knees... choooo chweet.
#that "half-white" tooth paste ad.
#pug and hutch boy.

and now these two...


Keshi said...

u should meet my 3yr old nephew...he asks neverending Qns and it's always 'WHY?'.


Sush said...

you bet, I am gonna love him too :-)).

Kalpana said...

I too watch the ads of kids. They are lovely....

priya said...

We have too many questions unanswered, then a child goes more for it.

Has to be me said...

Hi sush,
Thanks fr visting my blog & hope 2 c u more often! :)
Ya kids r so damn cute. I think u wld enjoy one of my previous posts which says "kidz". Check it out when u get time.

Twisted DNA said...

I instinctively look at all ads with some skepticism. I know the process how these ads are designed. They are designed specially to evoke your emotions. They have focus groups where they play the ad and understand from people how they exactly felt and then fine tune the ad to make you think exactly what they want you to think. So if I see one of those "Sweet" ads, I feel they are trying to manipulate me :)

On the other hand there aer some ads that are really funny, those I love

Preet said... doubt d sunflower "jaleebi" one is at d top !! jus such a cute ad !!

Pri said...

one of my fav's is the surf excel ad wherin the cute lil girl points at the pool of mud wch has juss splashed on her face sayin "bhayya isne mara!"...n the protective elder brother tht he is goes "sorry bol!" kicking n fightin the mud pool...awww sooo sweeet!!
the best part is the endline wherin he says "sorry bola" wth a sheepish grin n his kiddo sister is very proud of him :)...
woww!! the innocence of childhood...:)

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