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Aug 5, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away!!

It has been raining like crazy for the last of couple of days. If we, sitting in the comfort of a cosy home, feel so messy about it I wonder how the people in the slums and on the roads survive this ultra-chilled weather and the dirt and disease lurking around. Do I consider myself lucky.. You bet, I do. Just thinking of the prospect of setting my foot out in this weather gives me creeps, I just cant imagine how these people manage.. Lot of people are left stranded without their daily wages, everything suddenly comes to a halt. Why cant everyone live happily? Why is there no equal distribution of resources among all the human beings? I just hope government makes proper use of the taxpayer's money and puts up some shelters for the needy and homeless to provide respite from this relentless weather. Can I ever make any difference in any of their lives?? Well, can I make a difference in at least a person's life constructively... Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. I got to stop this NOW before I get into one of those end less loops yet again.

Nature's fury!! No idea, but when the balance of nature trips everything goes upside down.

It has been raining cats and dogs (I always wonder why "cats and dogs" of all the creatures. Not knowing "why" does not stop me from using that though. Just hope the sun shows up tomorrow at least for a while. I have become "sun sick" and I remember my nursery rhyme.. "Rain Rain go away, come again another day.. little johny wants to play"...

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