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Aug 18, 2006

Who Moved My Cheese...

Just a couple of days earlier was raving and ranting about how good it feels about getting back to work and blah, blah, blah.. and there I take yet another break for a couple of days.. What is it that is keeping me away from work. Work is something which always kept me from getting into those abysmal depths of depression and despair. Need to pull up my strings faster and give it my cent percent, nine months of constant under-performance is something which is a serious problem but what good is it unless I take a corrective action :-(.

Change has always been a painful process for me, but the latest changes are the most willing ones that we have made happen. Yet, I am not able to cope up with them and strike a balance between my work and personal life. I am not able to figure out if it is just an extended break from the work or am I getting into the homemaker mode already.. whatever it is, bad!! I just need to get things under control pretty soon.. what do I do for that to happen???? well, need to think real hard and come up with something solid this time. Poor S is very supportive of my work and all but still it is me who the CULPRIT is.. just not getting into that "Work Mode."

Good Luck to me!!! I need tons and tons and tons of it to get that old magic touch back!!!!!


Twisted DNA said...

It's always difficult to get back to work after a break. I mean, if I had a 3 day weekend, I crib endlessly to go to work the next day :) I don't think it matters how much one loves one's job but I think work is always work, not pleasure

Kalpana said...

I can understand the changes that had happened in your life. Infact, many. But, now things will go smooth for you. Don't worry. You will definitely strike a balance b/w work n home. For now, I wanted you to relax for a day or two and think for exactly what you need in life and what you wish to be. All The Best!!!

Sush said...

break!!! that is something that I cannot afford to dear :-(.

Kalpana said...

come to my place na.....;)

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