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Aug 15, 2006

Window shopping...

Window shopping somehow always fascinates me. It might sound real crazy when I say that the only time I really ever wanted to marry was when I went to those big malls and especially the crockery, kitchen equipment, decorative pieces, and furniture areas. The very first time I had been to a big mall, I still remember the way I was looking around wide-eyed, awestruck at the display and equally "struck" looking at the price tags and affording something from there seemed a big thing. Since then, I had been to a lot of malls around the town and in Bangalore and Chennai.. gradually that wonder world feeling vanished but that impulse to get married suddenly and buy all those things never dies ;-).

Well, you can ask me why marraige to buy that stuff, I really dont know but I want to buy those only when we set up a family and help furnish our dream home... you know, new hubby (I see a brow raising here, well I mean to say my better half who would be still new or the relationship which is still new), new home, new furniture, everything the way I like ;-).. ha ha.

One more section that excites me a lot is the kid zone and the toy zone.. Wow.. what a wide range of stuff for those adorable darlings.. I just cant resist an urge to buy whole of them and pamper those cuties. The gang does tease me that my BH would go crazy with my toy shopping or any shopping for that matter.. well, well, I am growing up (by the way did I tell you, I have decided not to go for soft toys anymore... well, got to see, cant be sure with my hyperreflexia in that zone :-(().. on this note, I MUST blog on my cute softie gang one day.. keep watching, I have loads of things to post on them...

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Twisted DNA said...

I like my wife to window shop too... if she does actual shopping that's when the trouble starts :)

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