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Aug 22, 2006

With My Thinking Cap On...

Thinking long and hard is something which I MUST admit I am not actually capable of. I often wonder at people like S who can keep on thinking and thinking and just thinking and have that "me and my ceiling" approach towards everything and anything. I actually prefer being spontaneous and "thinking on your feet" approach, spontaneity over processed output of the mind. You know.. OMG, I already spent a lot of time on this, I might get a brain fracture type ;-). I consider it the most energy-consuming process of the human body and needless to say I am a strong believer in conservation of resources you see :-).

At those really rare times that I visit that Think Zone, ruminating, my mind varies on a lot of things aimlessly.. so planning to go uncensored now with the mind drifting along the exquisite wonders of the epic called "The Life" the feelings, emotions, love, commitment, balance in life, etc., etc.

Feelings and emotions in love... are they long lasting or are they just superficial self-serving ruminations?? Sometimes, everything seems rosy and picture perfect while at others everything seems so superficial and momentary. Much as I want to accede to the fact that everything is perfect, the fears do keep cropping up, well there have been people who have been there and seen it all and but how many of them have actually succeeded in retaining that unique incomparable flavor of life. Initially, heart wins over the head, when people start staying together there are a lot of possibilities that a lot of unacceptable behaviors in the other person crop up and slowly that yearning diminishes, is this all true. I just hope all my doubts are just big fears.. it is all in our hands as to how we mould our lives is what I feel... OMG, see I already started thinking negative, got to stop here before I go crazy.. that is why it is the best not to think of anything and enjoy every moment as it comes :-), so here I go back to my No-Think Mode. My overexerted brain needs some rest now, so going to have a walk and look at the kids playing the park to unwind a bit.



Twisted DNA said...

"when people start staying together there are a lot of possibilities"
That is very true. People do change over time. The person we chose to live with may not stay the same over the years. I have seen relationships strengthen over time some deteriorate. Two of my very clsoe friends fell in love back in school and got married. They recently got divorced. They say they both changed in ways they didn't expect and divorce is the happy and best solution. On the other hand, anyther friend of mine who didn't like her marriage intially now is perfectly happy!

I think we need to expect change and live accordingly.

Sush said...

expect or accept :-) of course both are right. I think life just moves on...

Kalpana said...

Life in love is something like a roller coaster. We all just need to maintain a balance and just think of sweet things when negative thoughts creep in. Then, everything will be fine. If u're only on the negative front, things go the other way round. So, always be POSITIVE. Don't worry, everything will be fine FOR YOU. I have got no doubt.

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