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Aug 14, 2006

Work rambles..

It is only the second day since my start of work and i already feel down and out. I actually bow my head a thousand times to those homemakers who work from home and are able to do justice to both the work and the personal life. I seem to be messing them both royally.

There is this thing called window period for the home proofers (that is what is my designation right now folks) wherein any work done between 6 a.m. any given day to 6 a.m. the next day is considered to be one day's work, be it at a stretch or in parts. That is, if I start working from say Aug 14 6 a.m. and in bits and pieces work up to the next day, August 15th 5:59 a.m. it is still considered as work of Aug 14th, some crazy rule but I use that thing totally. It is 5:56 a.m. and just finished my yesterday's work. The thought that yet another day of work would begin in just 4 minutes from now is dreading (not really sure if I can use that form of the word here :-). My grammar is becoming weaker and weaker by the day).

I can gladly hit the bed for the whole day if left undisturbed but got to do today's work :-((.. as I type this the clock strikes 6 a.m. of Aug 14th and yet another "WORK DAY" begins :-(((...

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