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Aug 11, 2006

Yooohooo... I Did It!!! :-))

Finished my exam and got certified, finally there are these credentials next to my name which are considered to be the best in my field of work.. xxxx xxxxxx, CMT. The application, the prep, and the actual test itself are a big story.

To cut the big story short, prep started a year ago with applying to AAMT and the date elapsing almost twice, the second one ends this August 15th :-). Battling so many odds with the Prometric, AAMT, and my laziness, finally the D-day arrives and I wake up really early but we almost get late as we could not locate the center for quite some time.

After a big hunt, I took up the test, finished first 106 bits in half-hour flat. The actual trouble starts with the snippet part, 63 in all.. with the QWERTY layout being new to me, typing hunting for the keys kind of took all that I had. Finished the 6-hr test in 3 hours flat and when I pressed that END button to finish my test and waited for the result with bated breath, the moment seemed like forever. Finally, I get a congratulatory note on the screen and all the butterflies and knots suddenly vanish and my God, what a relief it is to get done with it and actually get certified.

The happiest person for my little BIG achievement would have been Amma.. miss you Amma, thanks a lot and thank you God. The happiness kind of lost its importance in a moment when I could not figure out whom to tell first. Sadly, S was the last person I told this news as it was his night and did not want to disturb him. Now that I have it, am I really happy?? it has not really sunk properly yet.. will keep you posted though :-).

With this done, I will have a lot of time for all the posts I promised Caps I would put up.. keep watching for more :-)).

One reason to be really proud of and glad is kiddo's convocation at IIT Mumbai. V. Vijay Venu, M.Tech. I am really proud of you bro. He is way too upset about losing the gold medal.. I do understand the frustration on losing out by 0.1 but I am really really proud of him... a CPI of 9.7 out of 10 in Reliability in MTech is not a joke. Way to go kiddo, waiting for more fireworks with your doctorate... cant wait for the day you have that name plate Dr. VVV. :-). Good luck and a loads and loads of wishes.

Miss being with you in that big moment of your life but all my heart is at that place with you. Thanks to the technological leaps that the mankind made, I could see the convocation in the Live Webcast.. world is really getting closer and smaller by the day :-)).


Jeannie said...

Girlie, I AM PROUD OF YOU! Woohooo!!!! Okay, I am re-inspired and I started blogging again.

Love you, Sush!

Kalpana said...

Congrats !!! Achieved what you want atlast, my dear friend.

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