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Sep 10, 2006

Hairy woes :-((

One thing that really gives me nightmares these days is, believe it or not, my hair. Something I never thought I would be ruing about until about four years ago :-((.. How I wish I can get back to those good old days.. earlier I used to have those good hair days and bad hair days.. Now.. only lose hair days :-((((...

Worse still, whenever I meet any old acquaintances or friends of mine, the question...... "aaaaaawww dear!! whatz with your hair" spirals me back into my seemingly neverending depressive thoughts related to already-damaged so-called "presentable looks..." aaargghhh... I never thought I would be conscious about the way I looked, least of all my hair... Amma was very right when she used to say "you will realize the value only when you lose it!" No matter what I do, the N number of visits to the dermatologist and the regular physician, popping up multivitamins and iron pills, being on a specified diet of lots of greens and fruit, applying oil, conditioning with henna and head massages... nothing, nothing really seems to help. Each time I brush my hair, I wonder what is left on the head when I see everything in the comb... boooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo...

Phase 1 (Four Years Ago)..
Never used to bother much, no attention, no care..
Phase 2 (Three Years Ago)
Notice thinning, but not really bothered..
Phase 3 (Two Years Ago)
Going for a shorter haircut so that it does not look too thin.
Phase 4 (One Year Ago)
Hairfall at an alarming rate, meet the doc, follow all the tips given by everyone and anyone, hoping what goes comes around :-(.
Current Phase (Today, at this very moment)
Forget about whatz gone, praying that at least I retain what is left....

Caps' tips on hair care... got to check out yet again.. and as T-DNA would say I really would need a mega-miracle to retain whatever is left.. boohooo.. Doc says dont pay a lot of attention to it, stress and depression do this to you at times, but how can I NOT pay attention.. 'cos half my depression is due to the mounting medical bills!!!!


itchingtowrite said...

try the fashionable cure o every ailment- PRANAYAM!! dad claims he has grown hair on his bald pate!1!

my life.... said... abt applying yogurt on wet hair? shampoo may be another problem...i can recommend Loreal proves to be effective...

Shilpa said...

Looks like many are facing this problem...if u take care now...the situation should be under control soon.
Good Luck !

Keshi said...

Stress affects hair. Nothing else. So chillax n have a ball no matter what. I know, easier said than done :)


Has to be me said...

I used to have this problem too & Iwas trying all sorts of hair care & nothing was actually working on me. Until I found out that I was anaemic & my hb count was low. Hence I started having iron tablets, spinach, lentils & avocados & thankfully its much better now (tho not as much as b4). So get a good check up done.

Also try to use a wooden comb (as thats supposed to promote / stimulate the hair growth) & avoid all artificial things like conditioners etc which r high in chemicals & maybe ur hair is getting sensitive to the same.


Kalpana said...

Sush, I am also in the same line. Damn serious now. Now, following the tips of mine. :)). Plus planning to stop the usage of shampoos soon and go for oil massage. Getting some Shikakai(All natural herbs n no chemicals) mix over here. Need to be grinded. Will shampoo with it and see the difference. Went for a hair cut, just now. Hope, we'll atleast have this hair on our scalp.:)). Don't worry. N relax.

Twisted DNA said...

I am going through a similar phase. Well, calling it a phase is optmisitic, because I won't go back to how I was ever. So it's more like a transition. Whenever I see my old and new pics side by side, they look like "Before and after" pictures of Rogaine, in reverse order, of course :)

priya said...

It can happen due to over workload and stress. ALso check if you have thyroid.

La vida Loca said...

sounds like you are under stress..get the hormones checked

@ said...

I feel your pain.
I don't know about this whole stress thing - I am not stressed at all, in fact, I am enjoying life at the most, and yet, mine is also falling at an alarming rate.
MIL claims it is because I don't oil it everyday and don't take regular oil baths. She is most likely right - I better get serious. Oh, and the shampoo thing is true - most are too strong. Pay big bucks to become bald. :(
I have switched to meera herbal powder these days.

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