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Sep 24, 2006

Points To Ponder...

When reviewing the comments for my previous post, Caps' comment got me thinking again... especially **// If we don't want to hurt others, we need to do what they say. This is Life.//**

It disturbed me a bit.. No matter how rosy I want to portray the picture, I still know deep down that it is very true. The toughest task in the universe is to satisfy a human being. No matter what we do or say, at some point in time we are bound to hurt others even without knowing we did. But again, it is up to us and us ALONE as to how much we let it impact us and get going.

As my thoughts float around, I remember a story or an article in RD, I cannot recall which edition though, that goes along the lines

You think you know everything, but you actually do not even know the difference between a problem and an inconvenience. If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if you are going to die, or something as drastic as these, you can say you have a problem, rest all are inconveniences.. Life is inconvenient and it is lumpy. The solution is to separate the inconveniences from actual problems, and everything will seem simpler.

Sometimes, even the simplest words make a deep impact on our lives and carry a deep inner meaning. Ever since I read that, these words of wisdom have helped me a lot.. every time I am faced with a situation which I feel is beyond my control, am overwhelmed with a gamut of emotions, am backed against a dead-end situation, or am ready to do something really really dumb and stupid in a fit of rage and blind fury, I just about manage to pull myself up and give it a thought "problem or inconvenience?" and trust me, most of times, it is just an inconvenience and once I realize that, the moment passes away like a cloud and everything looks crystal clear. Self-restraint at that point in time is the key but there are moments when I let my emotions and feelings run haywire.. but again even that is a passing moment... got to control that too but again, if I had that much control, I would be one of those enlightened spirits, which I am obviously not...

To sum it up, it all boils down to test of reality. Life is lumpy.. a lump in the oatmeal, a lump in the throat, or a lump in the body system. Each one is different, those are all lumps but impact us in different ways and the key is to learn the difference.


Kalpana said...

Yes Sush, this is what I am trying to tell you. I liked what you said about problem and inconvenience. I'll try to put my efforts into it to be a successful person. Just to keep trying to control our emotions.

Keshi said...

thats so true. some ppl brrod over things that r not even real problems!

tnxxx for this...very enlightening post Sush.


Sunil Parmar said...

Very true!!!
We do come across situations where we've to compromise with the situation[Or we may term it as understanding]at hand.
Only a mature person can write what you wrote in your post...i liked it...:)

itchingtowrite said...

well written & put in a nutshell- life is lumpy... & its the way how we respond to the lumps contribute to our making

Has to be me said...

Good post Sush! Guess a lot will depend on how u tackle the inconvience or the so called problem. Guess these problems r the ones that make us a better person in life.
Seems like I've missed quite a bit of ur posts whilst I was away! Anycase I did catch up on them too! :) Hope ur flu is all gone by now. Enjoyed ur fwds too.

mommyof2 said...

Wowww!!!!!!! great post..

@ said...

Indeed there's a difference btn lump in the oatmeal and lump in the body :)
Good post, good choice of words, good theme - I enjoyed this one!

Twisted DNA said...

Nice post. Come to think about it, it's a very nice advice to separate problems from inconveniences. And if you really think about it, most problems in life are actualy inconveinences!

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