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Sep 30, 2006

Sparrows... where are they????

Being a nature person, I love waking up to the chirping sounds of birds and just enjoying the nature's music in the early hours... but of late with my living in the concrete jungle which is growing by the day and my erratic sleep patterns, I hardly get to enjoy the same. As I lie down listening to the early morning sounds of vehicles buzzing around and an occasional crow singing (yup, that is the only bird I get to listen other than the occasional cuckoo in the summertime) I wonder where those countless sparrows suddenly vanished...

Whenever I used to visit my grandparents' place, that was heaven for me... being a part of the nature, enjoying early morning sounds, locating various birds, specially sparrows and parrots, lots and lots of them around us.. it made me feel really good. Hunting down the nests, checking in on eggs and waiting eagerly for them to hatch was my favorite pass-time activity. I still remember the way I used to run crying to granny when a nest fell down due to wind and the eggs broke and it took days to get back to normal.

I hardly see a sparrow these days. Earlier, they seemed to be there everywhere, building nests in the roof, on the trees, in the burrows, anywhere and everywhere they found a place. In fact,I used to be scared to switch on the fan and got all worked up when I saw them flying around inside the house and ensured all the fans were off.

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There is this tree near about a kilometer or so from my place which is the home for hundreds of sparrows, extremely busy with activity all the day and very calm at night. I go there every once in a while just to listen to them and see them in action but the other day I saw a huge complex coming up there and I just pray they do not cut it down to beautify the place as they always do... then my only chance to see or listen to my childhood friends would be gone :-((..


Vaibhav said...

Really nice to know a nature loving person like u.
Yes we all r living in a concrete jungle now, and this will keep on expanding and the real nature will keep on vanishing.
Save environment and nature. We r a part of it and lets make it a part of us.

Twisted DNA said...

It is very sad that native flora and fauna is becoming extinct. My biggest worry is, I don't think there is anybody even studying the effect of all the new development on the local birds and animals.

La vida Loca said...

concrete jungle is safe for no one :(

lori said...

Your post reminds me of the song "His eye is on the Sparrow".

PSV said...

nice post

Mumbai Guy said...

Yupe, that natural morning is priceless. The chirping sound, that dew mist on leaves, that rooster wakeup in morning, I would love to be in that midst.

Sadly, even my native place has this fast disappearing to concrete jungles. I wish I could secure some for myself.

Sush said...

vaibhav.. thanks for dropping by and thatz so true, we need to conserve, but do we actually :-(.

TD: True again, the impact is at times dreadful.. i just hope my kids get to see some really beautiful species around and not just read them as extinct :-(.

LVL: But for the real-estate guys...

Lori: Welcome.

PSV: Thanks mausamkey diwaane.

MG: Truly priceless.. ever refreshing :-)

Kalpana said...

It just made me remember a movie of Bhanupriya catching a mike and running after all the birds for the music, to record it. Really sweet. I love it. The sounds of birds!!! I too am a nature loving person. It just calms our mind.

Sush said...

heeehaa caps.. it is Anveshana.. and there is another Urmila movie.. Antham... bird-loving heroines.. am not yet that crazy though ;-)

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