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Oct 3, 2006

Tag-o-Mania :-)

I have been tagged by Itching to Write for 9 wierd things about self and Shilpa to list out 8 things about myself. Thank you both of you for finding me tag-worthy :-). Am combining both of them and here I go..

The rules of tag, as I learn and understand are
Mention the name of the person who tagged you. Take up the tag and pass it on to 6 others and also leave a comment in their blogs notifying the same.

Heeehaa.. so this is going to be me ga-ga'ing no end about I, Me, Myself.. in a lengthy tag-o-blog. So, get ready for the ultimate torture of the day :-).

Weird!!!! That must be my second name, 'cos I had been told time and again that most of the things I do are wierd. Come to think of it, I consider not being weird wierd actually :-)).

I cant recollect faces. I remember people and I can recognize them in an instant with their names as well but I just cant recollect their faces by closing my eyes. There was this person with a beard in my office, who used to sit in the cubicle next to mine. I used to see him regularly and talk too but once when someone asked if he had a beard, I was total blank...

I Love Screaming. Yup, much to the discomfort of the people around me, I just love to scream and make crazy noises without any reason. When I am alone, reading, watching TV, etc., , I suddenly get these bouts.. making strange noises leaving people puzzled if I am actually crazy and I actually love screaming out the songs very out-of-tune types :-).

I just cant stop laughing at times. I get tears even when I laugh and it is very difficult to stop laughing some times. I laugh so hard that I end up holding my stomach, wiping my tears much the embarrasment of the other person at whose expense I do the laughing ;-).

I have a split personality. Scary.. uggghhh... not really so :-). For those who are close to me, I am this nonstop chatterbox whose jaws hurt if I remain silent for some time whereas for a few, I am a Miss. No-Nonsense, To-The-Point person... Suppose if the two happen to be acquaintances, they would be wondering if they are discussing about the same person.

Weird Sleep Posture. This is really sush-specific I guess and I dont really know how I got it but I just cant sleep well until I sandwich my head between two pillows, closing both the ears, i.e., turning to my side resting my head on one pillow and then putting another pillow on the other ear. I do twist and turn a lot but this MUST be the sleep-onset posture.

Dessert First. I just cant resist temptation to start with the dessert first in a buffet dinner which embarrasses the person who accompanies me but again, I just cant have it the other way ;-).

Re-reading Books. I can read any book 'n' number of times, even the suspense thrillers, without getting bored. Of course, not at one go but with some time gap and some other books in between.

I cant stand leaking taps. I just cant stand the sound of the waterdrops from an improperly-shut watertap. It feels like a pounding in my head and must get up and close it properly to concentrate on anything else.

I smell food before eating. One thing which I get scolded for each time I am at the table. My food should smell good for me to actually relish it.

Having done this, I am sure I am real nuts :-).

I tag
Shilpa -- tag you for to know your weird side ;-).
Drama Diva
La Vida Loca


Shilpa said...

Smart of u to combine both the tags !

I din't find yours weird though...hehehhe maybe I am weirder :-P

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La vida Loca said...

woky woky I will do the tag..thanks babe...
I like your weird

Kalpana said...

Hey Sush, most of it I know..... :)). Thanks for tagging me. Now need to think what am I? :))

Twisted DNA said...

"I have a split personality"
Haha. Then both personalities must do the tag ;)

About smelling food before eating, I have the exact (weird) habit! I think it enriches the experience of the food :)

itchingtowrite said...

very well written. thanks for taking up the tag. & u don't look wierd to me. i too do lot of things like u do esp- dessert 1st- i eat the main course fast so that i can reach the dessert & mind u if the dessert is bad I claim that the food was not good. re read books - me too

Dr@ma Div@ said...

thanks for tagging me... only God know when i got time to do that.... but, i'll do it.. dont worry...

my life.... said...

haha... i tagged u !

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