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Nov 17, 2006

Good One..

This one was forwarded by Aysha to me and needless to say it touched me deeply and here it goes...

You Are Wonderful

The following story captured my heart. It happened several years ago in the Paris opera house. A famous singer had been contracted to sing, and ticket sales were booming. In fact, the night of the concert found the house packed and every ticket sold.

The feeling of anticipation and excitement was in the air as the house manager took the stage and said, Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your enthusiastic support. I am afraid that due to illness, the man whom you've all come to hear will not be performing tonight. However, we have found a suitable substitute we hope will provide you with comparable entertainment. The crowd groaned in disappointment and failed to hear the announcer mention the stand-in's name. The environment turned from excitement to frustration.

The stand-in performer gave the performance everything he had. When he had finished, there was nothing but an uncomfortable silence. No one applauded. Suddenly, from the balcony, a little boy stood up and shouted, Daddy, I think you are wonderful! The crowd broke into thunderous applause.

We all need people in our Lives who are willing to stand up once in a while and say, I think you are wonderful.

And at times others are expecting this from you, Are you telling them how wonderful they are?


artnavy said...

very good one- wonderful story sush

Kalpana said...

Yes, we need to. It's a good story.

the mad momma said...

That was beautiful.. and being a mommy i can't resist saying... only your child will have such unshakeable faith in you... !!

Sush said...

Caps and AN: :-)

TMM: That is very true.. that unshakable and unconditional love can only be expected only from the kids.

cardamom said...

nice one...we need such persons in life and then again we have to be that person for somebody else too...

Keshi said...

thats so beautiful!

I have no one to stand up for me...I swear. But I have myself and that will do.


La vida Loca said...

awww ^sniff ^ sniff

Sush said...

aaawwww... keshi.. dont ever think so.. I will surely stand up for you dear and for that matter all of your true friends would.

LV: :-).. touched me the same.

Keshi said...

HUGGGGGGGGGZ ty sweetie that means alot to me! Especially when some of my closest friends r acting weird these days.


Mumbai Guy said...

Preciously precise moral. Just shows how little things mean a lot and how we could make lot of difference.

We are just too lazy or too busy to appreciate or commend things and people around. Lets give some moments to them.

Beautiful post.

mommyof2 said...

wow!! wonderful story..

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