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Dec 7, 2006

Dhak, Dhak.. Dhak, Dhak...

This is my last post pre-marraige... with the wedding date just a week away, yup... exactly a week, I am quite tensed up. Just cant believe how time just flew away.. with a tummy full of butterflies and a lot of hopes and fears, mixed feelings... that queasy feeling, that restlessness, that getting touchy about every little thing, with tears always beneath the eyelids just waiting to trickle down ...... aaaaaaawwwwwww... do I want this to end soon and enter the new life as soon as possible and get over with it or do I want this time to stay like this for a while and enjoy being single and enjoy the long-distace relationship for a while.. phew..... just cant make up my mind... Is it natural... well I dont know.. just dont know... all i can say is my dil goes.. dhak, dhak.. dhak, dhak... dhak, dhak... each passing moment.

Catch you guys after my life settles a bit... just pray from me, pray that all goes well and the transition from Ms. to Mrs. goes smoothly...

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