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Jan 13, 2007

A Happy Sankranthi To All Of You

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Happy Sankranthi.. or Pongal.. or whatever this festive season is called in different parts of India.. For me this is basically the harvest festival, as Sailu rightly says sort of Indian Thanskgiving. It reminds me of ariselu (south-indian delicacy made of rice flour, jaggery, and ghee), paravannam (rice cooked in milk), hari daasulu (takeoff on narada's attire), muggulu (rangoli), basavannalu (the decorated oxen), pittaladoralu, kodi pandaalu (cock fights), parugu pandaalu (running races), bogi pandlu (a ceremony where regipandu, the seasonal fruits are poured over children), gobbemmalu (cow dung pieces decorated with flowers).... aaawwww.. it is a different feel altogether.. with happiness and cheerfulness all around. I sure miss every single thing and not to say, my grandmother all the more. Almost all my childhood memories of any festival are linked with her... this is the second year without her, just getting used to it. She for one thing would always have wanted me to be happy and that is what I can do the least. :-)

This is also considered to be the biggest festival and newly weds are treated royally on this day.. oh yeah... I am missing all the attention and delicacies, sitting here in Atlanta..

For those of you who still can afford to sit back and enjoy the festival in the village backdrop, I consider you are the luckiest souls.

Here is wishing each and everyone of you the very best Sankranti.


Aysha said...

A Very Happy Sankranthi To Both Of You Too !!

priya said...

Wishing you too a wonderful Pongal to you and your family.

my life.... said...

Happy Sankranthi to u Sush! well, guess wat, in Sg Sankranthi is not celebrated at macro level... well i am looking forward to home after my work... can go home and eat all the savories... yummy :)

Ekta said...

bhey happy sankranti!

Drama Div@ said...

happy pongal... few indian kids came by to my house last week asking for the mango tree's leaves. when i asked them what is it for, they said for prayers...

is it for pongal or something else? just curious here... :P

mommyof2 said...

Happy Sankranthi to you 2 too:-)

hey where are ur wedding pics:-)

Sush said...

Aysha, Ekta, and Priya.. thank you and wish you the same.

Lalita: Hope you had a great time enjoying those items.

DD: The mango leaves are considered to be auspicious by the Indians and are tied to the doorsteps in the Indian Households basically for every festival..

M of 2: Thank you, the snaps have been mailed to you :-)

Kalpana said...

Baaga raasavu.

artnavy said...

i love ariselu- we call it adirasam

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