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Jan 17, 2007

Maatey Mantramu... The Sacred Vows

"Maatey Mantramu.. Manasey Bandhamu..." This telugu song from the movie "Seetakoka Chiluka" happens to be one of my all-time favorite songs which effectively conveys the meaning of marriage in a melodious way and this is one song which I have been hearing constantly for the past 6 months and can go on for I don't know how long.

I am right now past one stage in life, that is, being a granddaughter, daughter, and a sister, and have donned a new role in my life, the WIFE. If one were to ask me how is the journey from independence to interdependence, well...There is a little turbulence at the takeoff but things will turn out just fine.

This particular snap of ours with hands on each other's head is called "Jeelakarra-Bellam" i.e, cumin and jaggery made into a paste and placed on each other's head pledging one to another for this life.

The 6-month time that we had between the engagement and the wedding just flew off without even realizing it began. Me, being me of course, had been postponing quite a few things and it was such a mad rush just before the D-day that I messed up on the invitation list, missed quite a few people.. and I am really really sorry for that. If I happen to miss someone it was just the rush and not intentional. Hope you guys forgive me like you always have, 'cos you know how I am :-)))... sweet, forgetful, little Ms. Sorry..

One great realization
"Weddings are fun BUT only when you are not the one getting married...."

and just an example to prove that is my "poolajada" or my hair decor My God!!! It is so difficult to keep your head straight or move it from side to side even.. and this at a time when we are expected to perform "N" number of rituals infront of what seems like whole town. I bow a hundred times to all those artists(dancers) who manage to deliver their best performances with all the makeup, ornaments, and this one on top of it all... hats off...

I remember teasing Caps for acting like a robot even when nodding the head during her wedding... well, you got your revenge ma'm :-)) I was much worse. You did a great job back then Caps and I mean it.

For more observations on my wedding and weddings in general, keep watching this space.. I got a lot of free time on hand and can blog on anything and everything :-).


@ said...

I love all the ceremonies they perform in south Indian weddings!
Your hairdo rocks :)
ps: what does "Maatey Mantramu.. Manasey Bandhamu..." mean?

Keshi said...

OMG so thats u in da pics Sush?? WOWWWWWWWW u look AWESOME! What a beautiful wedding!!

ty for the pics...WIFE now ha ;-)


Anonymous said...

"Maatey Mantramu.. Manasey Bandhamu..."

Words are the mantras, heart is the bond;
The love, togetherness and equal-mindedness we share is the auspicious music;
This is marriage, beauty, life...

So it means that the sweet words and love the couple shares are like intangible wedding rituals that hold as much(or deeper) meaning as(than) the real rituals.

Sush said...

@: Thanks, It sure does look good but God knows the pain each time something has to be put around the neck and they had to lift this one up. And how can I forget those heavy garlands put one after the other right on top of it.. I just felt my neck was about to break for some time.

Keshi: Thatz good, I look awesome only from back ;-).

SV: Welcome to my blog and thanks a lot for the beautiful translation.

priya said...

Nice pictures and it takes me back to my good days. You look wonderful and don't let down the spirits.

Daddy's Girl said...

Wow, congratulations Sush!! The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. All the best!

@ said...

beautiful words, thanks for the translation!

Mumbai Guy said...

Thanks for sharing this information/pictures. Your

One of my best friend being from vishakapatnam, I have a fair idea of Telegu culture by now. Just hope they make less violent movies in Telegu ;)

my life.... said...

gosh! yr hair deco looks so nice! thansk for sharing the pictures... i agree that wedding is fun only when u are the not the bride... always in a wedding, its bound to miss one or two... so don t worry dear... i am sure people understand... love u gal :)

Ajay said...

hey dats a nice post . . . hope u enjoy ur new role :) best wishes

Has to be me said...

Happy married life! :) Enjoy!

Aysha said...

Am waiting.. Am waiting !!
Post fast..
Anand showed me the wedding pics.. But I want to see more pics of yours..
So waiting for your next post. :-)

Kalpana said...

I too love that song a loottt, sush. Naaku hair snap baaga nachchindi since I was not able to see my hair like that. Njoying seeing yours. ;)

mommyof2 said...

You look beautiful:-)

artnavy said...

cool sari- but must have left u feeling hot and heavy- love your poola jadai

i used to love poola jadai= as a kid when we were in guntur- had short hair those days= and while dancing it came off and i was brave enough to continue dancing

Twisted DNA said...

Hey! Wonderful pics. Poolajada is awesome. Not many people are going with the poolajada these days!

By the way, mATE maMtramu is one of my all time favorites too! I am a big fan of Ilayaraja :)

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