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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Feb 27, 2007

Tagged!!! My Visual DNA :).. time for yours..

Interesting tag by Aysha.. there you go baby, I am sure I beat the other two lazy goats.. :).

To pass it along I tag Caps, Keshi, TD, Mof2, kodi'smom, gauri, lalita, art navy, ITW, Lavida, mumbai guy, priya,has to be me, Tharini, Smruti, and all my blog friends who would like to take it up :)

A beautiful sketch...

A nice forward..

5 important lessons to learn from a humble pencil.

1. It tells you that everything you do will always leave a Mark.
2. You can always correct the mistake you make.
3. The important thing in life is what you are from inside and not from out side.
4. In life you will undergo painful sharpening which will make you better in whatever you do.
5. Finally, to be the best you can be, you must allow yourself to be held and guided by the hand that holds you.

Rage and Reason!!!

What does one call something you just give in to in a moment of boredom and frustration defying all good sense and logic?

Well, got to realize now that nothing will be solved with anger outbursts and it only adds up to the mess we are in.

Deep breathing, drinking water, counting numbers.. there are many tips but why dont I seem to remember them when I need them the most!!

Feb 26, 2007

Oscars and my Bro.. :)

Well thatz quite a title to choose, but apt from my point of view, 'cos he is the one who intoduced me to most of things in life :).. yo, this one included.. I was never a part of Oscar speculation or worse even a viewer but his enthusiasm kept me interested in them.. He was the one who used to update me on everything after the show and this time it was S' turn to do so.. boy!! I am lucky (touchwood). For those interested have a LOOK.

In fact my bro makes pretty accurate predictions as to which movie is going to find a place in the nominee list just after watching it and amazingly enough, it does!!!!! (picture my eyes popping here).. with a CPI of some goddamn 9+ in Mtech from IIT, his current workload with his ongoing Phd stuff, and the amount of philosophy, poetry, sports, news, etc. reading that he does, HOW the hell does he manage to watch all these movies.. Pan's Labrynth, I havent even heard of it and here he goes predicting it being there and there it is winning too.. way to go Bobs.. am really proud of you.

I might not be in constant touch with kiddo but inspite of his noninvolvement in my day-to-day life, I know for sure he is my rock of Gibraltar if need be and so am I going to be for him.. isnt it the beauty of being siblings.. (touchwood).

And just like Lorraine Baker (Hillary Duff) from Cheaper By The Dozen
There are times when I feel like killing him but killing for him ALWAYS:)

Our New Friends :))

Our little blue fish bowl.

An aquarium has been a part of my life for quite some time.. first my brother gifting one to me from his first pay :) Though maintenance was a pain, looking at it, hours would just fly away..

Now, S has given me two new friends, the neon tetras.. thanks a ton for the company... I opted for a bowl and not the aquarium because of our uncertain stay here and the pain it would be to leave them behind.

Welcome to the family.. Finnie and Fannie :)

Feb 25, 2007

For Better or For Worse :)

I began wondering if I were some unique specimen for not feeling like a newly-wed or worse even a married person just after being wed when friends came to rescue and said it does happen...

I was almost certain that I was becoming worthless and rusted when S assured me that I was doing great as a homemaker...

I almost convinced myself that I was a terrible cook and a hopeless to improve case, but fought back and am on the track...

Someone above and my granny from there are watching out for me.. Thanks a ton for all the support from all the corners. I finally identify myself as being married.. a biggest milestone so far :).

The fact sinks in when
You realize there is this person whose life is linked with yours forever now just as yours is with him and it is a bliss when you choose to rather than when imposed upon.
You wake up next to this person every morning and are glad you have each other.
You begin looking at things not just from MY point of view but from OUR point of view.. <I vanishes to give way to WE.
You are no longer the baby of the family but a responsible individual expected to take care of self as well as the other half.
Friends and family begin to ask about the welfare of the other person before actually getting to ask about you... (I must admit I feel J at times).
You begin to get collectively referred to as a single social unit "Family".. our family at its nuclear structure is "Me and S" and then our respective parents.
You get up every morning to prepare breakfast, lunch box, and set him off to work as opposed to mom and dad waking you up with the breakfast tray.

A wise me says

The best relationship is where people complement each other rather than try to figure out ways to complete each other. One person can never complete another one, all said and done it would just be patchwork with jagged ends with a lot of compromises from both the parties. Just be yourself and accept each other as they are and true love roughs it all.

Maa Inti Vanta... (Food of our house :)))

A lazy Sunday heavy fruity breakfast..

A late meal of just the Vangibath preapred with instant mix and some curd.. (may sound wierd at times but both me and S like curd with rice items most of the times).

And the dessert was Rasmalai.. one good thing about being in US is try it out on your own stuff never in India would I have dreamed to prepare anything like this even with the Ready-Mix stuff. The ready availability of everything makes us less appreciative of things handy is what I have noticed...

Anyways, good for me to keep myself occupied..

Orkut or Wlid Fire..

Almost a year and a half to two years ago when my brother introduced Orkut, the friends community or whatever to me, I was like WHAT??? what is that, how reliable is it? there is no privacy any longer.. quack, quack, quack!!!!

I think since then orkut has come a long long way or rather the younger generation in India has come a long way. As it is, Internet is making world a much smaller place and this one is making it tinier.. just spending an hour or so digging through the profiles deeper into the network, it is really amazing when you start discovering how many people you have known through the years surface. It really is an excellent tool to keep in touch with a lot of our friends, relatives, acquaintances who otherwise would have been in the long-lost memories list..

I found my friends, colleagues, relatives, my school community, childhood playmates, celebrities, teachers, blog friends, friend's friends.. phew!! that leaves me wondering whoz left????

I kind of had a mini shock when a friend of ours told me that each time a friend of his gets a wedding proposal, he orkuts the girl's name and tries to get to know about that person's nature and personality.. well nice medium to catch the person unawares.. it is just another source of enquiring about the life partner but it sure gave me a chill across my spine once thinking about the possible ways of abuse... Beware girls and guys!!!! Wait a minute!!! am I getting too old and conservative... maybe :).

This one is so addictive, believe me knowing fully the implications like lack of privacy, public profile, your world being an open book to strangers across the globe, etc. etc., you just continue to explore it.. when I begin to think about the negative possibilities, it scares me but the postive side entices me. Like they say.. You like hate it, you hate it, but you cannot ignore it.

Feb 23, 2007

Cheer Up :)

Sometimes.. well some times a lot of times, we tend to feel bogged down by a lot of things around us and tend to feel down and out...

... but remembering that there are a lot of amazing things on the other side of this spectrum makes a whole lot of difference..

Happy weekend guys!!!

Feb 19, 2007

Blog Makeover :)

I HAD to move to the new blogger and not being much of a tech-savvy person or rather being a person who is absolutely reluctant to change, it was such a PAIN.. right now, it looks a little different, need to understand it more and get used to things here...

Feb 16, 2007

Cakes and Bakes

Cakes... yummy is what comes to my mind, in word associations that is ;).

When I look back at the moments that we celebrate, any occasion like birthday, wedding, farewell, beginning, etc., cakes are very much there. That delicacy has blended in our modern day life so much that we cant imagine anything else when someone says birthday party... (remember the dialogue "hum cake khane kahin pe bhi jaa saktey hai..." by Saif from Dil Chahta Hai, that is one of my alltime favorite scenes)..

When I recall, the cakes we used to have as kids were hard, bought from the local bakery or the home-baked cake with a hole in the center.. then arrived the varieties like cold cake, egg-less cake, cheese cake, pastries, plum cake, etc..... all yummy yummy yummy :).

Phew!!!! from buying to baking I have come a long way too!!!! A classic example of rusting professional skills and improving culinary skills ;)

My First Feast ;)

Considering the fact that I am a lousy cook, the very first attempt at an elaborate lunch for Sankranti turned out to be just fine... OF COURSE with a lot of help from S.. in terms of all the background prep like cutting, grinding, cleaning, etc...

It really turned out to be Super meal thanks to inputs from sailu and a good friend of ours...

For those wondering what the items are... pulihora(lemon rice), paravannam (sweet rice), garelu (vada), perugu vadalu(dahi vada), cauliflower curry, bendakaya vepudu (ladies finger fry) mudda pappu (dal), sambar, with rice... a typical andhra festival meal ;)

Feb 2, 2007

Pop Goes My Lappy :-((

AAAwwwww.. here as I struggle to decide the theme for my blog, my system gives up :-(.. so there goes my blogging for a while as I cannot use up S' laptop as he takes it to office.. and there also go my all-the-time chat sessions with my mom and friends in India.....

hope it is just a little while before my sytem is up and running...

a little break due to technical glitch... catch you soon...

PS: Thanks guys, I have decided to keep the blog as is... the theme is "sushma"...

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