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Feb 25, 2007

For Better or For Worse :)

I began wondering if I were some unique specimen for not feeling like a newly-wed or worse even a married person just after being wed when friends came to rescue and said it does happen...

I was almost certain that I was becoming worthless and rusted when S assured me that I was doing great as a homemaker...

I almost convinced myself that I was a terrible cook and a hopeless to improve case, but fought back and am on the track...

Someone above and my granny from there are watching out for me.. Thanks a ton for all the support from all the corners. I finally identify myself as being married.. a biggest milestone so far :).

The fact sinks in when
You realize there is this person whose life is linked with yours forever now just as yours is with him and it is a bliss when you choose to rather than when imposed upon.
You wake up next to this person every morning and are glad you have each other.
You begin looking at things not just from MY point of view but from OUR point of view.. <I vanishes to give way to WE.
You are no longer the baby of the family but a responsible individual expected to take care of self as well as the other half.
Friends and family begin to ask about the welfare of the other person before actually getting to ask about you... (I must admit I feel J at times).
You begin to get collectively referred to as a single social unit "Family".. our family at its nuclear structure is "Me and S" and then our respective parents.
You get up every morning to prepare breakfast, lunch box, and set him off to work as opposed to mom and dad waking you up with the breakfast tray.

A wise me says

The best relationship is where people complement each other rather than try to figure out ways to complete each other. One person can never complete another one, all said and done it would just be patchwork with jagged ends with a lot of compromises from both the parties. Just be yourself and accept each other as they are and true love roughs it all.


Keshi said...

Wonderful r'ship u've got there Sush! Keep it up :)

btw this was way too mushy for me LOL!


artnavy said...

"You are no longer the baby of the family but a responsible individual expected to take care of self as well as the other half."

this is the one that most hit me when i got married

great cakes and rasmali- have not been here a while

Kalpana said...

Wonderfully said Sush... Will catch you soon...hope by 1st evening. Still in hyderabad...

Sush said...

Keshi.. Thanks girl.. it has its ups and downs but is a beautiful one...

AN: I still grudge this part once in a while

Caps: Miss u soo much, just come back soon.

Daddy's Girl said...

Wise words, and well-written.

For Evil Eyes on LO