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Jan 31, 2007

Friends in Blogsville... :-)

I have been way too lazy the past few days, just going through the blogs, leaving comments at times and not even that at others. As Jaya, my friend, aptly puts it Mrs. Lazy Bones. Come to think of it, I was never one before marraige ;-).. so it is my being Mrs. LB that is making the difference (hahahaha).. patting myself for the dumbest PJ (poor joke)... I think I have lost it!!!

Friends in blogsville are sure a great support who are there for each other virtually and when we read their blogs, we have an image of them etched in our minds, like say "xyz" from abc blog and we kind of develop a bond with them over some time without ever actually seeing them or talking to them. I for one, would love to meet in person a few of them and get to know the real person behind those expressive write-ups... and recently got an opportunity to know one of them in person and I was on Cloud 9 that we actually spoke, although it may be some time before we meet in person 'cos we stay in two different states.. Thank you Mommy of Two for being so friendly and supportive and making me feel at home. I really really appreciate that.

S feels that I should blog with a purpose and have a theme to the blog rather than put in anything and everything just because I have a space there... well, that point hit home and here I am wondering how should I go about it.. I see a lot of concepts, momma baby blogs, food blogs, picture blogs, science blogs, fiction blogs... what not!! and here is mine which cannot be classified into any particular category, got to do some work there... any ideas?????


Twisted DNA said...

Your blog is good the way it is. The problem with theme blogs is, it is difficult to cater to a wide range of audience. Who says you can't have two blogs :) Keep this one and try to start a new one with a specific theme. If you really really like the new one, you can abandon the old one :)

my life.... said...

i agree with u too.. i too have made great frenz on the blogsville...and they have joined me in my walk of life... when i was down or fileld with happiness, these ppl have lifted up my spirit... when i was in a dilemma, these frenz have offered their solutions and opinions... Thanks for being my fren Sush! hope to meet u real soon ! love u gal :)

mommyof2 said...

It was very nice talking to you too Sush:-)

How about "a new life" blog starting with something like how u met ur hubby & posts about day to day thoughts and it can turn into baby mom blog too, when its the right time;-)

Aysha said...

Yeah.. You are so very right.. Just take both of us.. We have just met once.. So many months back.. And we are so compatible with each other with the way we are.. I wil always remember your days here in Bangalore when you were with me.. I was also happy having a gal with me in our all-boys gang.. ;-).. Will always remember you and I love the bond we share.. :-)

Has to be me said...

Hey in my opinion, u neednt really classify ur blog & restrict urself to a particular theme. Variety is the spice of life! Each blog & each blogger is unique. So just let it be the way it is! :)

@ said...

hi sush - i tried commenting a few days back but blogger wasn't here's another attempt. I look at a blog as a diary, so anythign you want to share is keep the posts coming, doesn't matter what it is about!

artnavy said...

like this blog the way it is

G said...

Nice blog by the way. Its not really true that your blog need to have a theme :-). This is your space, and you can put up all your things, rather than constrained to a single theme. Life is a blend of everything, that's why it is interesting, similarly the blog. That is how I see blog :)

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